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7 Weird Alarm Clocks put to the Test

April 16, 2018

5 Sushi Gadgets put to the Test - Sonic Alert Alarm Clock - Flying Propeller Alarm Clock -...

What is the best shooting alarm clocks?

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I tried to quit hitting the snooze button for 2 weeks and I failed miserably

After hearing about my experiment, a friend suggested that I put my alarm clock on the opposite side of the room from my bed, which would force me to get up. The following night, I set up an alarm on my iPad and placed it on my desk, which is ... April 10, 2015

Victim says harassment, bullying hits a high following New Albany shooting threat

her to commit suicide. "They frequently have [their phone] with them all night long and use it as their alarm clock," Dr. Sheryl Schneider, a child psychologist, explained. "So the bullying happens all night long. They don't have a way of getting ... April 7, 2015

Nashville Recap 4/8/15: Season 3 Episode 17 "This Just Ain't a Good Day for ...

Tonight's episode of Nashville kicks off with Luke and Sadie in separate rooms being questioned about the events leading up to Pete's shooting. Sadie breaks down and tears and begs to make a phone call. She calls Rayna at home where she is Gunnar ... April 8, 2015

'Tomorrowland' contest asks kids to look to the future (Tomorrow Daily 156)

When I was in high school there was an alarm clock type thing. Oh really? I think there was even, I think there's even one kind of think geek. But not to the, not to the degree of it turning. And not to the degree of it shooting the sound. Directing it ... April 7, 2015

AH Primetime: Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge: 30 Interesting Tidbits From the ...

While Samsung has simplified the camera app, for those that like total control of their settings, Samsung has included a new 'Pro' shooting mode in the Galaxy S6 Series. The user can tweak the white balance, exposure, ISO, focus, metering and you can ... April 8, 2015

Preventing noise-induced hearing loss

The principal leisure activities that cause NIHL are shooting, sports events and loud music. The loudness of sound is measured in decibels (dB). Normal conversation is about 30 dB; an alarm clock is 80 dB; a power mower is 107 dB; a siren is 115 dB; a ... April 7, 2015


Hate to Love


I get real excited about all the holidays and even consider birthdays holidays. Even weirder, I get excited about half birthdays too. My half birthday is April 2nd. And because you don’t celebrate any holidays or birthdays, I figured of-course you wouldn’t even say anything about April 2nd. But although my love for holidays and birthdays is out of your comfort zone, you love it... It was April 1st, 11:01pm when I sent my last text which was a response to you asking how was my day. I simply hopped on to my computer to watch another episode of Criminal Minds and waited for your response. I check my phone at 11:59pm, hoping to quickly get a text from you saying happy half birthday. The clock stroke midnight and I closed my eyes, waiting for the little tadaloo noise my phone makes when it gets a text, or a weeeeeuhhhhhhooouuuohh noise when I get a call. It was 12:07am, I pressed the home button on my white iphone to check missed alerts, just in case, but still no text, no call, no nothing. What a rude thing to do. We celebrate half birthdays whether you believe in them or not. Like wtf, why haven’t you replied, I know you’re awake your just ignoring me. So I shut down my computer and set my alarm for the morning and closed my eyes to sleep. I hadn’t gone into deep sleep yet which is why I woke up to the vibrate of your text at 1:12am. You said “Lol ur bad babe btw happy half birthday lol u and ur creepy half birthdays” with a ton of emojis.

Eugene Tan – The Genius Behind The Lens

Marcus Braid

I was born in Perth, I grew up there and stayed there until I was about 21, and then I moved to Sydney. What were you doing when you first came to Sydney. I was a graphic designer and worked in interactive design, which back then was working with CD ROMs. When the Internet came out, I started moving into web design and rode the dotcom boom. I worked for a big business called Eclipse. They were in Perth and they moved me over to set up an office here in Sydney. They then set up offices everywhere and got quite big. WA is an amazing place to grow up. It’s a beautiful coastline and it’s got amazing waves. Even from when we were very young, we’d be driving boats to Rottnest Island, water skiing, windsurfing, skurfing, swimming, diving and all that. But I remember rocking up in Sydney and going, ‘This is just ridiculously good’, especially these Eastern Suburbs beaches. ’ I’d never been to Sydney. pack your bags, you’re moving to Sydney. I was 21 or 22 and I rocked up at Bronte in a cab on a six foot day and I went, ‘Wow, it’s like this every day. ’ It was lining up perfectly and I never saw it that good again. I hired a place on Bronte Marine Drive after I saw a for lease sign when the cab stopped.

Survival: Night Fright —Everything Looks Worse at Night!

Richard C. Young

But this time, in your fuzzy nighttime haze, you note that neither your alarm clock light is on nor the night light in the hall nor the back porch light. My quick guess is that you have no plan, no plan at all. It is sad but true that most of us are simply reactionary, whether in matters of personal or financial security. It makes little difference as both are intertwined if you are truly in the business of logic, preparation, and strategy. I make no differentiation between personal and financial security. I approach each in precisely the same way, asking where am I most vulnerable, where are my greatest risks. How do I reduce vulnerability and risk to a tolerable minimum. It is impossible to eradicate vulnerability and risk, but with logic, preparation, and strategy, as noted above, you can position yourself to put the odds on your side every time. I write a lot about inertia as it relates to both personal and financial security. We both know that it is often difficult to translate your best intentions into an actionable model leading to a strategy. If you are a subscriber to Richard C. Young’s Intelligence Report , you long ago learned how I package a risk-first strategy of portfolio management. Whether personal or financial security, your ability to get off the mark and figuratively or literally pull the trigger is the lynchpin to success. If you share the powerful ability to defeat inertia, you are way ahead of the game as you are in the distinct minority.

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Spotting of toy rifle draws police response in Las Cruces

He said it doesn't seem that the toy gun was pointed at anybody or that any crime was ... Police: Albuquerque man beat dad over alarm clock going off Police: Albuquerque man beat dad over alarm clock going off A dispute over an alarm clock may cause ... April 1, 2015

Navajo officials weigh in on latest order in election case

The spotting of what proved to be a toy gun drew a police response to a medical building ... Police: Albuquerque man beat dad over alarm clock going off Police: Albuquerque man beat dad over alarm clock going off A dispute over an alarm clock may cause ... April 1, 2015


Teen Escapes Death From Pakistan School Shooting Due To Faulty Alarm Clock

Geo Beats 12.17.14

Millions of people around the world are reeling after armed terrorists charged through a school in Pakistan and randomly shot students. One 15-year-old boy however, is still alive following Tuesday’s horrific massacre and it’s all because of an alarm clock. As images of the appalling terrorist attack on a Pakistan school are broadcast around the world, stories from the chaos are emerging.Such is the case of a 15-year-old boy who is still alive following Tuesday’s horrific massacre, and it’s...

Reviews iBRIGHT LLC Gun-Alarm-01 Shooting Gun ... December 31, 1969

When the alarm clock to the clock, continuous ring for three minutes and target will be erected gun, guns target lights and the LCD screen backlight will light up simultaneously.

Gun and Target Recordable Alarm Clock, White - December 31, 1969

I bought this for my 11 year old son. He was having trouble waking up for school on time. This has made morning much more fun. He even plays with it when he's not using it as an alarm. The unit is easy to use. However, it does not have an electrical cord, so you do have to plan to use batteries at all times.

USBGeek — Gun Shooting Alarm Clock December 31, 1969

Description: Start the day with a BANG! Gun Shooting Alarm Clock is alarm clock and target range all in one.Every morning you can wake up to one of three games.When the alarm goes off, the Gun Shooting Alarm Clock target pops up, and you have to grab the gun in time to shoot it to turn the clock off!It's a great way to bring you to your senses when the snooze button simply isn't an option. Features: Custom alarm tone3 alarm game modesIncludes base station, target, and gunPower: AA batteries... Gun And Target Recordable Alarm Clock by TG ... December 31, 1969

Have one to sell? Sell on Amazon List Price: $39.99 Price: $18.50 & FREE Shipping on orders over $35. Details You Save: $21.49 (54%) In Stock. Sold by HomeButy and Fulfilled by Amazon. Gift-wrap available. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a service we offer sellers that lets them store their products in Amazon's fulfillment centers, and we directly pack, ship, and provide customer service for these products. Something we hope you'll especially enjoy: FBA items...

Shooting Alarm Clock December 31, 1969

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