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Colour Me Plumb Silly: Book 1: A5VIEW DETAILS

Colour Me Plumb Silly: Book 1: A5

Colour Me Plumb Silly: Book 1 New Zealand Illustrator, Tania Hassounia, is delighting the young, and young at heart,...

Clock-a-Doodle-Moo MoonicaVIEW DETAILS

Clock-a-Doodle-Moo Moonica

The interactive clock makes learning to tell time extra fun with a quiz mode and a silly cuckoo cow who rewards...


Why Cuckoo Clocks Aren't Good Bird Feeders

June 24, 2018

While shooting photos of my Backyard Birds Cuckoo Clock, the second cuckoo clock I designed for my company The Cuckoo Clock Designer, I had a silly ...

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Immersed in Movies: Director Mathias Malzieu Talks 'Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock ...

Mathias Malzieu has made quite an ambitious little animated feature with Jack and the Cuckoo-Heart Clock (now playing theatrically; the Blu-ray/DVD combo pack will be available Oct. 7 from Shout! Factory). The rock star adapted his illustrated novel ... September 30, 2014

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The Sphinx

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Review: L'italiana in Algeri at the Granada Theatre

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Jenny Diski on Doris Lessing: 'I was the cuckoo in the nest'

“But I also knew that would be silly because I write so personally anyway. I couldn't see why it should be a big secret. Then I was concerned by the 'Oh God, not another cancer diary' thing. What could be worse? Only another 'new father diary' maybe… ”.... December 7, 2014

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A Day In The Country-Anton Pavlovich Chekov, a short story


Between eight and nine o’clock in the morning. Fyokla, a little beggar-girl of six, is running through the village, looking for Terenty the cobbler. “Uncle, where is Terenty. At last she meets Silanty Silitch, the sacristan , Terenty’s bosom friend. He is coming along, staggering from the wind. “Uncle, where is Terenty. “At the kitchen-gardens,” answers Silanty. The beggar-girl runs behind the huts to the kitchen-gardens and there finds Terenty. the tall old man with a thin, pock-marked face, very long legs, and bare feet, dressed in a woman’s tattered jacket, is standing near the vegetable plots, looking with drowsy, drunken eyes at the dark storm-cloud. On his long crane-like legs he sways in the wind like a starling-cote. “Uncle Terenty. ” the white-headed beggar-girl addresses him. Terenty bends down to Fyokla, and his grim, drunken face is overspread with a smile, such as come into people’s faces when they look at something little, foolish, and absurd, but warmly loved. servant of God, Fyokla,” he says, lisping tenderly, “where have you come from. “Uncle Terenty,” says Fyokla, with a sob, tugging at the lapel of the cobbler’s coat. Holy, holy, holy….

Family Story Time – March 20, 2015

Jane Whittingham

Typically it’s predominantly toddlers with a few preschoolers, but because of the school closures we had a number of older brothers and sisters in the crowd today, with quite a few elementary school aged kids. Like another of my all-time favourites, Bark George , Little Owl Lost lends itself to a bit of comedic over-acting in the delivery – I like to do a few dramatic double-takes when each candidate for the mummy owl is revealed, and make poor little... Funnily enough, some kids just adored The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse , while others just could not wrap their minds around it. A few of the more literal-minded children in the audience wore confused expressions throughout this story – in... I’ve been trying to add in a few calming songs or rhymes at the end of our program, right before the goodbye song. I think of it as a way of wrapping the story time up and creating a sense of closure, rather than abruptly coming to a close right after the exuberant action song section. Today I had the children sit after the elevator song, and we sang the orca whale song, which includes some gentle hand actions.

Murphy and Riley


To impress a pretty lady. You probably know some of Murphy’s Laws. ” “If you drop your peanut buttered toast, it always lands peanut butter side down. There is an alternative version, Murphy’s first cousin Riley, as in “the life of Riley,” who collects “Laws” like the Danny Kaye song verse above. Riley’s Laws feature optimism with a dash of silly. Here are a few examples:. “You can’t help respecting someone who can spell Tuesday, even if he doesn’t spell it right. “If d-u-n doesn’t spell done, what the hell does it spell. ” William Randolph Hearst Sr. “A dog is a dog except when he’s facing you. Then he’s Mr. Dog. “An artist is not a special kind of person. Every person is a special kind of artist. ” Eric Gill. “The spirit of liberty is the spirit that is not quite sure it is right. ” Judge Learned Hand. “I seem to be a verb. ” Buckminster Fuller. Questionable examples—Murphy or Riley. An exchange between Winston Churchill and Lady Astor: She said, “If you were my husband I’d give you poison.


Peppa Pig Cartoon Cuckoo Clock with subtitles

Cartoons with Subtitles 08.26.14

Daddy Pig winds up the old cuckoo clock in Peppa and George's bedroom. When the clock strikes the hour, a wooden bird pops out, flapping its wings and singing 'Cuckoo!'. Peppa Pig Video with subtitles . Visit for the Peppa Pig transcripts , Peppa Pig Toys , Peppa Pig DVD and many more!!!! It is fun to learn english with Peppa Pig with Peppa Pig Episodes with Peppa Pig subtitles like Peppa Pig Ice Skating with subtitles, Peppa Pig A Trip to the Moon with subtitles,...

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fun Cuckoo clock | Appsters Rock | PinterestVIEW MORE

fun Cuckoo clock | Appsters Rock | Pinterest

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Cuckoo 4 Design: My love–hate relationship with cuckoo clocksVIEW MORE

Cuckoo 4 Design: My love–hate relationship with cuckoo clocks

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fun cuckoo clock | RANDOM stuff I Love | PinterestVIEW MORE

fun cuckoo clock | RANDOM stuff I Love | Pinterest

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Animal-Cuckoo-Clock-by-HeadsUp-Design-Fun-Novelty-Clock-with-Realistic ...VIEW MORE

Animal-Cuckoo-Clock-by-HeadsUp-Design-Fun-Novelty-Clock-with-Realistic ...

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This cuckoo clock is so much fun!! | Design ideas | PinterestVIEW MORE

This cuckoo clock is so much fun!! | Design ideas | Pinterest

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Cuckoo Clocks For Sale in Tag Archive of Musical ClocksVIEW MORE

Cuckoo Clocks For Sale in Tag Archive of Musical Clocks

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Cuckoo Clock – Zoë Ingram

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River City Clocks Musical Multi-Colored Quartz Cuckoo Clock

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and a fun painted cuckoo clock in the cornerVIEW MORE

and a fun painted cuckoo clock in the corner

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