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Hello Kitty Digital Clock

April 17, 2018

I've been wanting a clock for my room for a while now and I got this really Hello Kitty clock. I can set the alarm time and I can listen to music too. Do you have an alarm clock? Subscribe...

What is the best sleeping hello kitty alarm clocks?

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Pure Joy Reboot


It’s been two long years since Pure Joy went dark, leaving faithful readers perplexed at the sudden and screeching halt to our family blog. Since then, Anika has teamed up with her little sister Isla to achieve new heights of silliness and mayhem. It didn’t seem fair to deprive Pure Joy’s twenty-person fan base of this window into their adventures. (That and a certain grey-haired-glasses-wearing-professorial-Freeman-side-grandfather–who reportedly made up more than 95% of the web traffic on Pure Joy the last time around–has promised a small fortune for this blog’s continuation. Pure Joy is back and better than ever. To start, here’s a quick, whirlwind recap of the five most important things that have happened in the lives of Anika and Isla over the last 730 days. Isla Mae arrives, Anika meets her best pal, and Mom and Dad begin their slow descent into multiple-child-induced parental insanity. Isla goes mobile. Two kids can be a brutal assault to the just-thirty-minutes-of-me-time place in every parent’s heart. But two mobile kids, one of whom enjoys “sledding” down the basement stairs on a sleeping bag and the other who would prefer that we burn all of her toys and let her climb stairs all day, has been the death knell to the small shred of autonomy... Isla puts the toddle in toddler with her cute and unsteady walking, but we have had to go from general surveillance to outright stalking in order to protect Isla from the places her curiosity takes her.

A Visit To The Getty

Jonathan Blaustein

The phone beeped in the middle of the night. He must have sent me good wishes on the trip. It’s the middle of the night. I swatted at the phone to shut it up, and went back to bed. I was due up super-early to head to California, so I was none-too-pleased to have my anxiety-ridden sleep interrupted any further. When the phone beeped again, this time as an alarm clock, I rolled out of bed at 5. My eyes refused to open, like a recalcitrant clamshell. I looked at my messages, mentally composing a text to Dad that would have included some impolite language. Except it wasn’t Dad. So before you know it, I was talking to a grumpy customer service rep, who’d been working straight through the night, trying to figure out how to salvage my trip. When all was said and done, I made it to LA. But I routed through Vegas, and lost a bunch of time. Time I meant to spend at the J. Paul Getty Museum, looking at art, so I could report back to you. They had to move things around to accommodate, and I had to apologize for the airline shenanigans. I only mention the drama because I’d been bragging to my wife the night before about how good I’d gotten at avoiding and managing stress.

December 7, 2014


We had actually even set an alarm to make sure we woke up on time but we didn't need it because as soon as the clock struck 7, people were moving all over this house. The girls started work on Campbell's new Hello Kitty lego thing and the boys did something that involved sleeping bags on the stairs (I just prayed for no broken bones or head injuries and continued getting ready. ) Robby served up breakfast while I got myself ready and then I made sure all of the kiddos were dressed, brushed, combed and buttoned before letting them play until time to go. We were a bit late getting everyone dropped off and back into church... Keaton was thrilled to be going to cookie club tonight but when John Paul started messing with Whitman, Keaton became very upset-she was doing everything she could to make sure her brother was well taken care of. Too bad, I didn't. when Whitman went to his class tonight, I didn't have my phone (it was in my bag) so I didn't see the text saying that Whitman was screaming. The kids sang in church tonight as well and they all did very well again.

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Hello Kitty Easy to Use Controls Alarm Clock

Chongmo 11.18.14

Hello Kitty Easy to Use Controls Alarm Clock

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