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Xiaomi smart (AI) alarm clock [Xiaomify]

March 15, 2020

Check out my gear on Kit: It's here! The Xiaomi Mijia Smart Alarm clock. It's a really great looking alarm clock, but how good is it really?

What is the best small desk top clocks?

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Microsoft Lumia 940, 940 XL UK release date, price, specs: Due October

No longer just a desktop OS, Windows 10 also runs on phones and tablets - and the Microsoft Lumia 940 (codenamed Talkman) and 940 XL (codenamed Cityman) will be among the first Windows Phones to run Windows 10 when they launch in October ... August 27, 2015

Understanding Smartwatch Design

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AMD readies faster A8 and A10 accelerated processing units

This lets AMD to increase “official” frequencies of its highly-integrated desktop chips and which also provides overclockers a significantly better headroom for further tweaking. In addition, AMD is able to bolster clock-rates of its chips thanks to ... August 26, 2015

Top Tesla Autonomous Driving Engineer Hired By Apple

Also in August, Apple hired Xianqiao Tong, an engineer who developed computer vision software for driver assistance systems at microchip maker Nvidia Corp. The Wall Street Journal has Self-driving cars are a small player in the change that is ... August 25, 2015

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Zen Is Advanced Micro Devices Inc.'s Last Chance

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Is Your Financial Platform On Every Device?

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How to overclock your Intel CPU

You shelled out for a top-shelf, unlocked processor, and now it sits at the heart of your new system, loafing at stock clock speeds ... One-step overclock solutions via desktop utility or motherboard switch are common on enthusiast motherboards, offering ... August 17, 2015

WD boosts Black and Red Pro ranges up to the 6TB mark

The WD Red Pro series designed for NAS drives and small storage arrays also now goes up to 6TB ... "In choosing WD Black hard drives, WD desktop customers get the best possible mix of capacity, performance and reliability to handle intense desktop ... August 19, 2015

Intel Skylake CPU details revealed: These faster, more power-efficient chips can even drive three 4K monitors

Intel’s power clock savings technique is fairly rigid today ... Skylake graphics improvement, in fact, impressed me on the desktop chip and I’m looking forward to seeing it in a laptop. All told, Skylake looks like it will be solid improvement over ... August 18, 2015


Ankermann-PC SMALL DESK OFFICE - Intel Core i3-4160

Molidroh 08.27.15

Click Here Ankermann-PC SMALL DESK OFFICE - Intel Core i3-4160, 2x 3.60GHz - onBoard INTEL HD Graphics 4000 - 8 GB DDR3 RAM - 500 GB Hard Drive - DVD-Writer - Microsoft Windows 8.1 64Bit - Card Reader - EAN 4260370251945 - Ankermann-PC SMALL DESK OFFICE - Intel Core i3-4160, 2x 3.60GHz - onBoard INTEL HD Graphics 4000 - 8 GB DDR3 RAM - 500 GB Hard Drive - DVD-Writer - Microsoft Windows 8.1 64Bit - Card Reader - EAN 4260370251945 ,...