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Internals of Quartz Clock Mechanisms

February 19, 2018

In this video I get a regular Quartz Wall Clock and open it up in order to better understand how it works. I go through every part of the mechanism and attempt to explain how it works. This...

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The Facebook-Loving Farmers of Myanmar

All the phones clock in under the equivalent of one hundred U.S. dollars.​. A villager shows us his phone. . Cell towers sprout wildly — matte-steel contraptions in the middle of rice plots running off their own electricity, their electronic brains ... January 21, 2016

Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real + Insects vs Robots

Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real have been winning raves across the nation over the past few years and the fact they have yet to outgrow such small venues is a treat. If Nelson had Nelson switched over to electric for “Four Letter Word” and the ... January 19, 2016

The Living Dead

An autopsy technician cut a quarter sphere into her skull with an electric saw, pulled off the cap and rolled another swab over the cross-section of the bone. “See right there?” Schmidt said . Much like the research on the microbiome has ... January 18, 2016

Streaming The Beatles

The song features an improvised atonal crescendo by a 40-piece orchestra that spirals, overwhelms and symbolically/cymbalically crashes into the sound of an alarm clock. From which McCartney steers the song into a more light-hearted vein with memories ... January 20, 2016

This Black & White Home Is Timeless!

“We wanted the perfect combination of an older feeling house, but with clean lines and modern details,” says interior designer Caroline Sain, whose concept for the Homewood residence's black-and-white theme began with the striking black light fixtures ... January 19, 2016

Thumbs up, thumbs down

The nursing room is available around the clock and is equipped with comfortable seating, a sink, fold-down changing table and a power outlet for mothers who use electric pumps. Other amenities added recently are free cell phone charging stations ... January 19, 2016

TRA says Lake Livingston Dam in good shape

The dam is monitored around the clock. “There is somebody here Periodically, TRA reviews its emergency action plans with area law enforcement and emergency management coordinators and run through table top exercises applying the plan to mock events ... January 18, 2016


The Facebook-Loving Farmers of Myanmar - The Atlantic

For six weeks last October and November, just before Myanmar held its landmark elections, I joined a team of design ethnographers in the countryside interviewing forty farmers about smartphones. A design ethnographer is someone who studies how culture and technology interact. A common mistake in building products is to base them on assumptions around how a technology might be adopted. The goal of in-field interviewing in design ethnography is to undermine these assumptions, to be able to design tools and products aligned with actual observed use cases and needs. Many of the farmers we spoke with had never owned a smartphone before. The villages were often without running water or electricity, but they buzzed with newly minted cell towers and strong 3G signals. Almost all of the farmers we spoke with were Facebook users. How they used Facebook was not dissimilar to how many of us in the West see and think of Twitter: as a source of news, a place where you can follow your interests. The majority, however, didn’t see the social platform as a place to be particularly social or to connect with and stay up to date on comings and goings within their villages. What follows are a series of diary entries and notes culled from our interviews. The interview teams were composed of three or four people: a translator, a photographer, a notetaker, and sometimes a facilitator.

Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real + Insects vs Robots - PopMatters

It was a Friday night in the land of Lebowski with a festive atmosphere in effect at Casa Escobar along California’s scenic Pacific Coast Highway. Margaritas were the libation of the evening rather than White Russians, however, since this venue was in fact a Mexican restaurant. Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real have been winning raves across the nation over the past few years and the fact they have yet to outgrow such small venues is a treat. The 27-year-old guitarist/singer/songwriter seems to be perfectly content though and why not. His skills as an old soul who was born to rock ‘n’ roll are so readily apparent that he and his band were selected to back Neil Young on his latest album The Monsanto Years and 2015 fall tour. This evening was another family affair with younger brother Micah’s band Insects vs Robots opening the show and then sitting in for a mindboggling encore that felt like it might blow the proverbial roof off across the highway into the Pacific Ocean. Casa Escobar has a fairly typical vibe for a Mexican restaurant and seemed filled with a standard Malibu dining crowd. Many were still dining or drinking at the bar, but the small stage.

Streaming The Beatles - Observer Online

The entire Beatles discography was released to streaming services Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon Prime and Google Play on Christmas Eve — a true Christmas miracle for those who pay monthly for subscriptions that couldn’t buy “Can’t Buy Me Love. ” Capitalizing on the release, Scene writers shared the Beatles tracks they’re streaming — because it’s (sort of) timely, and The Beatles have an exorbitant amount of great songs that deserve to be talked about even if they’re “old news. I am convinced that anyone who has a definitive “favorite” Beatles song just hasn’t heard enough — I can’t even name my favorite Ringo song. The raunchy, psychedelic Revolver track was a product of an acid trip accompanied by Peter Fonda — producing an almost eerie ambience with lines like “I know what it’s like to be dead / I know what it is to be sad. There are definitely songs I enjoy more from The Beatles: I’ve tweeted on occasion that “Rocky Raccoon” is my favorite Beatles’ song (and where would we be without accountability for what we say on the Internet), and I’d be able to break down at a...

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Home Tour: Ruth Lyons' former Mount Airy home has the feel of the groundbreaking TV personality

The 380-square-foot recreation room’s championship-quality pool table made by the National Billiard Co. and ... needs restoration but still features electric lights, a refrigerator, pot-bellied stove and bunk beds. The pool, her father said, has been ... January 15, 2016

Diary of a teenage spy

I shyly stepped up to her desk and waited for her to tell me why I’m in ... anyone is nosey and decides to go through my bag. Hmmm.. how about my electric mascara? I put the small bottle in the front pocket and searched for more useful items. January 15, 2016

Santa Rosa apartment design on a budget

They stained the top of the table a semi-glossy cherry; the lower part was stained matte walnut. As for the wall, they added a large clock and shelving to add interest, and an electric fireplace casts a warm glow on wintry days. In the master bedroom ... January 13, 2016

Cool Spaces: Law firm's decor pays tribute to Cleveland's rock 'n' roll roots (photos)

The Shakespeare bust, resting on the receptionist's desk, is one of the first hints of what's to come when you enter this place. No rock remembrance is too small or insignificant ... time and who now sings and plays electric guitar in the classic rock ... January 14, 2016

What It's Like to Spend New Year's as a Refugee in a Greek Anarchist Shelter

ATHENS, Greece -- The clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve ... Exarchia is the place where you can smoke anywhere. The small office is crowded by a large filing cabinet and a desk with printers. Posters cover the walls. One belongs to the Boats4People ... January 8, 2016

As solar industry matures, subsidies, regulations are changing

A: The new three-part rate proposal would be mandatory for residential and small business ... other customers pay for electric service. But they are equally dependent on the local electric system for safe, reliable around-the-clock electric service. January 8, 2016

The smart-tech future beckons to us from the CES gadget show

Your car, the TV set, the microwave, bedside alarm clock, possibly the thermostat ... The show, which starts Wednesday in Las Vegas, is the place for companies large and small to show off new connected devices. These range from the seemingly trivial ... January 2, 2016


Talk About a Dream

Bloomsbury Publishing USA.2013.ISBN: 9781620400722,1620400723.449 pages.

Features more than 40 interviews conducted with the Boss from 1973 to 2012,...

Art Deco

Penguin.2005.ISBN: 9780756649067,0756649064.240 pages.

The definitive, all-color guide for any Art Deco enthusiast. Showcasing over...


Chronicle Books.2007.ISBN: 081186099X,9780811860994.352 pages.

From modest beginnings in Paris to predominance in the world of high fashion,...

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Alarm Clock, small black Solid State bedside electric alarm clock ...

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... Electric Table Clock (Circa 1960's) - Retro Clock - Collectible Clock

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... display desk clock digital alarm clock mini Electric clock usb + AAA

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LED Alarm Clock Electric Countdown Timer Wall Desk Table Alarm Clock ...

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301 Moved Permanently

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... desk timer clock type desk clocks is customized yes diameter 163

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... square vintage kitchen table electric westclock Westclox wall clock

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