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Pendulum Wave Toy

March 16, 2020

You can see bigger versions of this scientific demonstration in museums and science departments. But we think this might be the first time it has been produced ...

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Secret Life of the Quartz Watch

Mechanical clocks (like this one at the construction site of the J.P. Morgan headquarters on the corner of Broad and Wall Streets, NYC, USA) were continually refined until being overtaken by electronic timekeepers in the middle of the 20th century ... November 7, 2015

Time well spent: Clockmaker cherishes stories from each timepiece

One old tabletop clock's pendulum is a delicate weight on the end of a gossamer cord that swings right to wrap itself around a tiny post, unwinds itself, then swings left to wrap around the opposite post. And even though it's not terribly efficient ... July 21, 2015

How researchers listen for gravitational waves

A small crystal converts the light into an infrared laser beam, whose power amounts to only ten watts after high-precision preparation and filtering – much more than a laser pointer, but also much too weak for useful measurements. Leaf springs and ... May 28, 2015

Sigmar Polke's Dreamy, Trippy Art Went Deeper than Pop

Amusingly, he jousts with the metal tip of the swinging pendulum. In a voice-over we Kohlhöfer achieves this machine-like sound by plunking a metal knife on a tabletop and processing the resulting tinny vibrating sound through six cassette tape ... June 16, 2015

As IT Changes, Technology Vendors and Providers Follow Suit

And while our computing screens have gotten smaller over the past decade, the pendulum is swinging back in the other direction, and interactivity and collaboration take priority. We're seeing it in the rise of phablets — oversize phones that blur the ... June 24, 2015

Freeman's Sale Indicates Market Uptick

A tall-case clock by Samuel Breneiser of Adamstown and Reading, Pennsylvania, in a case by Lancaster case maker Michael Stoner, who signed his name on the backboard behind the pendulum, sold for $23,750 (includes buyer's premium), well above the $3000 ... June 15, 2015

When College Is Not For Everyone

I can't count the number of potential learning hours that I wasted staring at the clock with my legs tightly together, thinking of nothing else but that little sign on a door that read "GIRLS." (Today, the pendulum has swung too far; teachers have ... December 17, 2014

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10 small changes that make your home healthier

Serve food on individual plates rather than taking large dishes to the dinner table. Having to move from the table to ... So, the distinction between night and day is blurred, and thus our body clock does not get a strong day-night signal. December 8, 2015

Meet the Colombian eco-designer who finds beauty in trash

Because who likes ugly?” she told AFP. Designs from the dump In the living room of the small apartment she shares with her 15-year-old son, David, Restrepo shows off her workbench — a reconverted kitchen table — and her shelves stacked with rescued ... December 10, 2015

Deadline approaching for Paris climate change strategy

Countries "big and small, rich and poor", are members ... However various environmental groups said that what has appeared in the draft "is not good enough" and the clock is ticking as the ministers need to resolve the final outstanding issues. December 11, 2015

Colombian eco-designer finds beauty in trash

"It's my shopping mall," she said, beaming as she brandished defunct hard disks she planned to turn into pop-art coasters or clocks ... small apartment she shares with her 15-year-old son, David, Restrepo shows off her workbench -- a reconverted kitchen ... December 11, 2015

Senatorial seat: Kashamu’s rough road to victory

So many intrigues, accusations and counter accusations had come into play before the pendulum of victory swung towards Senator ... My only concern is that the clock is ticking. The media has been inundated with accusation and supposed petitions, so ... December 11, 2015

Four Rewarding Shows in Philadelphia

Considered in terms of the social history of American art, however, he’s an important figure, because, as the art historian David Driskell writes in the exhibition catalog, he was “among a small number ... and the marble tabletop on which it stands ... December 10, 2015

Around the world festive feasting

At this beloved bistro, diners can enjoy cheese beignets, baked Saint-Marcelin, plum rum baba and creative small plates in a cosy ambience guaranteed ... Meanwhile in the Grand Café, a clock will chime at 4pm daily, signalling the beginning of the German ... December 10, 2015


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Years ago, a secret Soviet plan was created to destroy the Alaskan oil...

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