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Mirror, Alarm Clock, and LED Nightlight in One from Accmor

November 15, 2017

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What is the best small white alarm clocks?

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Mad about the '60s

Alarm clock. The midcentury go-getter stepped smartly on time to his first meeting of the day thanks to an actual alarm clock. He made sure to wind it the night before. Today's cellphone does the same job with a beep, but it can't equal the bed-stand ... April 11, 2015

Did Alice Crimmins Kill Her Kids?

It took only one glance at Alice for him to decide that she did not look the picture of the anxious mother, this striking redhead in her twenties, with thick make-up, hip-hugging toreador slacks, flowered blouse and white high-heeled shoes. Patrolman ... April 11, 2015

Young guys masterfully pay respect to the past

Fowler had to set his alarm early; he didn't tee off until 1:59 p.m., the last group of the day. Scoring is as low as it's been since the early 1950s, when there was no 3-point shot or shot clock; players seem to be lacking in fundamentals; and ... April 12, 2015

This alarm clock showers you with targeted beams of light and sound

According to the company, Wakē uses its white LED light to “gently illuminate the area around your face” while a parametric speaker delivers an almost laser-like beam of sound. The light-and-sound show starts off nice and slow, gradually crescendoing ... April 8, 2015

New smart alarm uses body-heat tracking to wake couples up individually

Wake uses a white LED to slowly light the area around a sleeper's face – simulating a gentle sunrise. The smart alarm can pivot in its This app doubles-up as a standard alarm clock, if the Wake runs out of battery during the night. Kickstarter ... April 6, 2015

How celebrity travel isn't always as glamorous as we think

You wouldn't be doing this if I was white.' She was later forcibly removed from the She later pleaded guilty to two counts of assaulting a police officer, one count of disorderly conduct likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress and using ... April 10, 2015

Album Review: Young Fathers – White Men Are Black Men Too

The latter offers the line from which the album takes its name, alongside defiant expressions of black identity, while the song's closing cacophony sounds like an alarm clock aimed at waking a sleeping collective consciousness. The band fails to make a ... April 8, 2015




Today, the boxscore reads HBP (hit by pitch) but, for Thon, it was more than that. The Astros All-Star shortstop had been hit by a pitch major league pitches four times prior to April 8, 1984. No. 5 — a fastball by New York Mets pitcher Mike Torrez — fractured Thon’s orbital bone around his left eye, changing his life and career. A fuzzy 30 year old video shows Thon frozen at the plate as the baseball exploded off his left ear flap and grazing his temple before striking his eye. The Dome went quiet as Thon slowly rocked back-and-forth, his right arm covering his face. Home plate umpire Doug Harvey leaned over and saw that Thon was still conscious. Jose Cruz, who was in the Astros’ on-deck circle, Torrez and Astros manager, Bob Lillis circled around him. ”The first thing I thought of is that I want to make it, I want to live and see my family again,” said Thon. Thon spent the next week in the hospital and underwent surgery to have a small piece of bone realigned. Torrez called Thon the next day to apologize. In the weeks and months following his surgery, Thon said he remembers waking up each morning and he’d lie still and look around the bedroom. He would try to focus on an object — the alarm clock, a light bulb, a photograph — testing his ability to see clearly. Thon’s eyesight went from 20/20 before the pitch to 20/150. Over time his sight improved to 20/40. Still, tracking a moving sphere traveling towards him at 90+ mph, was much more challenging.


Eric Vance Walton

It doesn’t matter how good of a writer you think you are, if you can’t figure out how to connect with readers you’re not going to sell anything. Often our budgets are small or even non-existent and the rules are changing often. I was that skinny and awkward kid with thick glasses that few things came naturally to. I would practice things hundreds of times until I perfected them. One of the few things I had on my side was persistence. I’m still that same kid inside, only larger, with a few gray hairs, and the nagging thought that time goes far too fast to waste it. A month ago I tried to make a poached egg. Ten or so attempts and a few YouTube videos later I can make a perfect poached egg. The secret, once I learned it, was like magic and made the process easy. Soak the eggs (still in the shell) in white vinegar for five minutes before cracking and boiling them. That was it. Things are incredibly hard until you figure out the secret and then they’re easy. To find success you must have to have the patience and persistence to get to the EASY. ” If a sentence or passage doesn’t work for the good of the overall project you must get rid of it no matter how brilliant you think it is. This is excellent advice but it isn’t easy to do partially because of ego but to a greater degree because...

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The Game

I remember yesterday getting up for work, having breakfast and watching the mailman drive by as he threw some white rectangles into my rusting ... I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock--it being six-thirty in the morning, with the dawning light from ... April 11, 2015

Mad about the '60s

But suppose Don's agency had been in Little Rock. It probably would have been in Little ... Westclox ad, midcentury • Alarm clock. The midcentury go-getter stepped smartly on time to his first meeting of the day thanks to an actual alarm clock. April 10, 2015

Local success earns honor

When his alarm clock rings at 4:30 a.m., Rick Jackson is already awake ... he has been named the 2015 New Mexico Small Business Person of the Year by the Small Business Development Centers. He’ll be honored at a Small Business Week celebration ... April 10, 2015

If you can remember…

Well here is a little test and if you can ... Power to the People, Strawberry Alarm Clock," Beam me up now, Scotty," The Marlboro Man, Johnny U., Disneykins, Baby Thumbelina, COMBAT!, Laugh In, White Fang and Black Tooth, Wonderrama, Naru jackets, High ... April 8, 2015

Homeless in Vancouver: It turned out to be a bit of a flat morning

As I happened to be sleeping in a parkade, my alarm clock took the form of parking cars; first a black hatchback, closely followed by a fat white SUV. I was wide awake ... By default I put as little faith in SUV drivers having a feel for their footprint ... April 7, 2015

May You Have a Happy Zombie Jesus Pagan God Bunny Worshiping Candy Eating Easter

In my small part of the world, such people's faulty personality ... where we set off to work without putting on our car headlights and when our alarm clock goes off in the mornings, the streetlights outside are not still on because of the darkness. April 5, 2015

What “Religious Liberty” Legislation Actually Means.

Yes, everybody knows you hate that haircut, your alarm clock didn’t fail to go off ... “sick” because the latest WoW expansion just dropped. We tolerate these little white lies and deceptions because generally they’re told to make other people ... April 1, 2015


"Our alarm clock was small arms fire"- Medal of Honor winner

Reuters 06.20.14

Helmand Province was the scene of some of the toughest fighting in Afghanistan in 2010 It was a time when there were too many firefights to count says U.S. Marine, William Kyle Carpenter. (SOUNDBITE) (English) U.S. MARINE WILLIAM KYLE CARPENTER, SAYING: "Many times our alarm clock was small arms fire." Carpenter was was awarded the Medal of Honor Thursday for covering a grenade with his body and saving a comrade's life. He doesn't remember what happened. (SOUNDBITE) (English) MARINE WILLIAM...

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Small Pink and White Porcelain Mechanical Alarm Clock from ...

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... > Clocks > Small contemporary design alarm clock - black & white

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Small alarm clock in plastic case isolated on white background.

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Karlsson Alarm Clock Tiny Splash Over the Rainbow

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Home / Decoration / Clocks / Alarm clocks

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DAILY daily alarm clock sierchio analog white clock / table clock ...

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See the small card with the code on it? The seller printed that out ...

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3d small people near to an alarm clock. 3d image. Isolated white ...

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