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Why micro-interactions are the secret to great design

You will continue to engage throughout the day in these moments with your digital devices. Each one is a micro-interaction. This simple, wonderful usability is why you choose one alarm clock or weather app over another. And someone had to design that.... August 17, 2015

How to survive your freshman year in college

You are your alarm clock. Place your alarm far from your bed. Put your cell in airplane mode when you hit the hay. Try new activities and find a way to manage your time. Create a consistent sleep pattern (as best as you can). Whatever works for you ... August 14, 2015

Bigots Lose It Over Targets Boy Toy Policy

"Ultimately the main drivers of this change are today's customers,” Mary Beth Keetly, chief marketing officer of PM Digital, told AdWeek. “they've Last fall, for example, a 7-year-old girl named Maggie Cole—armed with the power of her scowl ... August 14, 2015

Marvell's ARMADA PXA1928 and PXA1908 Mobile Multi-mode 4G LTE Solutions ...

It is our passion to continue to deliver best-in-class LTE single chip solutions to global OEMs and ODMs and enable them to bring cost-effective and field-proven smart devices on one of America's top mobile carriers, AT&T. This is in In addition to ... August 18, 2015

Hidden speakers: 5 unexpected smart home items that double as stereos

It has been described as “Siri, Google Now and Cortana, all rolled into one screenless, cylindrical speaker” and a “learning, digital assistant for the entire household.” It is always on, connects to the Cloud using your home Another interesting ... August 7, 2015

Smartest Watch for Kids Gets Even Smarter with VTech®'s Kidizoom® Smartwatch DX

Kids can also personalize their watch and show off their style when they choose from more than 50 strikingly fresh 3D clock faces offering fun animations, displayed in digital and analog time. "The successful launch of our Smart Animals® Zoo ... August 17, 2015

Nintendo's Patent for Quality of Life Sleep Projector Uncovered

As it turns out, Nintendo might be shifting its business to smart home technology. The patent application that forum members of NeoGAF found (via Engadget) reveals a kind of an alarm clock equipped with a projector and sleep sensors. Instead of wearing ... July 26, 2015

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Winners don't do things differently. They do different things

I'm sure they worked smart too, with well-balanced, aerodynamic and sonorous sticks. Still, they lost their livelihoods in a jiffy when alarm clocks came into the market ... Jitha runs a small digital marketing startup in Mumbai. He was a strategy ... August 16, 2015

Mobile-geddon! From cash to cameras, smartphones are killing off our everyday essentials

Torches and alarm clocks are set to become redundant. Sales of compact digital cameras have fallen by 40 per cent ... This is already true for users of the August smart lock who can unlock and lock their front door using a mobile app, or even by tapping ... August 11, 2015

Mobile-geddon – The everyday essentials facing death by smartphone

The march of the smartphone means the number will be up for alarm clocks, keys, pocket mirrors and TV remotes ... Cameras: “By 2020 compact digital cameras will be all but replaced by high quality smartphone lenses. Sales have already fallen by 40 ... August 10, 2015

Getting smarter: 10 ways that super-powerful mobile phones will soon be changing your lives

More than half of us have replaced our alarm clock with a wake-up call from our phone ... soon things will be even more digital, with proposals to move our licences on to our smartphones in as little as two years. The idea is that by 2025, your phone ... August 10, 2015

Hidden speakers: 5 unexpected smart home items that double as stereos

Here’s five unexpected smart home products that also double as wireless speakers ... Another interesting feature of the AuraBox is that aside from serving as an alarm clock, it can help you fall asleep with its preset sceneries and sound effects to ... August 6, 2015

Divoom AuraBox Brings Audio and fun to a Whole New Level, a Multi-Functional Smart Speaker with an LED Board

Enjoy music and have fun with Divoom's AuraBox, a multi-functional smart device that provides RGB LED board ... or enjoy the colorful moving patterns. The AuraBox's alarm clock feature improves sleep quality by allowing user to set the timer with selected ... August 5, 2015

Vivint Opens New State-of-the-Art Central Monitoring Center

One of the main advantages of a Vivint security and smart home system is round-the-clock monitoring and support ... In 2012, the Vivint monitoring station team received the Central Station Alarm Association’s (CSAA) Central Station of the Year award. August 4, 2015


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