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Scent Received, With a Tap of a Smartphone

Product developers are preparing to offer a variety of items to consumers that will allow scent to become a part of digital messaging. This fall, the As large-scale manufacturing begins, it will cost $350 and be available through ... July 8, 2015

Android Wear Guide: Part II – The Best Android Wear Watch

The Moto 360 uses induction charging by way of a special dock that lets you set the watch on its side as a makeshift alarm clock at night – although there's no physical connector on it at all. The first Android Wear device to use the lauded circular ... July 2, 2015

Skill India, the world needs it

Some of the initiatives—such as Make-in-India, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Smart Cities, Digital India, Defence Offset, etc—if implemented as envisaged, have the potential to take our incremental manpower requirement to much higher levels than the 110 ... July 19, 2015

Julian Assange on Google, surveillance and predatory capitalism

Since the last time we were together inside his prison lodgings at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, a few things have changed. Julian Assange has grown a beard, looks more pallid and pauses when I ask after his general health. His legal team are ... July 6, 2015

Legal Dynamics In A Connected World

Imagine a 'smart' alarm clock, programmed to our phone's calendar that senses that an early breakfast meeting has been cancelled and reprogrammes itself to wake us up, an hour later!! Imagine a 'smart' coffee machine that will connect to our ... July 13, 2015

Can the Swiss Watchmaker Survive the Digital Age?

From the outside, the watch wouldn't look “smart” at all, but it would be packed with electronics. Koeslag's job was to bring to life this When the image appeared on a large computer screen, he zoomed in on the Bluetooth antenna, which looked like ... June 3, 2015

Rise and shine: 8 eye-opening alarm clock tips for iOS and Android

Your Android phone or iPhone probably doubles as your alarm clock, but it can do so much more than buzz you in the morning. Read on for eight ways to enhance your smartphone's alarms, from putting them on a schedule to picking the perfect song to wake ... May 7, 2015

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10 Things that should be in your emergency kit

You can also make a trail of digital, GPS-tagged breadcrumbs for people to find ... emergency beacon, USB device charger, and alarm clock when everything else fails. Four minutes of cranking away at the handle will deliver 10-15 minutes of radio power ... July 25, 2015

New system to support mobility impaired people whilst fighting against the misuse of the European parking card

SIMON – Assisted mobility for older and impaired users - is a demonstration-oriented project that started in January 2014, with three large-scale pilots in Madrid ... Nintendo filed for a device the size of an alarm clock, which also involves a ceiling ... July 27, 2015

Robots aren't taking your jobs— and that's the problem

It stank for small business owners whose photo development shops were driven out of business by digital cameras ... the Sega Genesis on the shelf, the alarm clock on my bedside table, and even, to some extent, my television. And yet it doesn't only ... July 26, 2015

Blaze Automation Inc Launches the World's Most Powerful Home Automation and Security Hub with Built in Universal Remote Control and Wireless Charger An experienced and successful team has developed the product with prior experience in building large Technology ... B.One ensures that every alarm and alert is communicated in ... July 24, 2015

Is your child college-bound? What not to buy them for school.

Adoption of eBooks for classroom textbooks is slow and most schools — unless they're specifically making a point to be "all digital" — are still putting ... Anything a Phone Can Do (Alarm Clock / Point-and-Shoot Camera / Fart Machine) Maybe back ... July 21, 2015

Birth-to-Five ‘absolutely appreciates’ gifts

Here’s a list of items we counted from our collection: Three large boxes of toys ... a package of chalk, a ruler and an alarm clock. The Palladium-Item also gave each child a package of fruit snacks at Saturday’s Book Buddies event. July 23, 2015

Retro Phone Review: Motorola PEBL

The large-enough 176 x 220 262k-colour TFT LCD screen gives great ... plus other handy features include a calculator, calendar and alarm clock. Simplicity is the key – this is a stylish phone which marries up a straightforward menu system with ... July 23, 2015


BH Body Digital 6" Night Light Alarm Clock Light-activated and Touch-activated Sensor Light Silent Repeating Snooze with Data Date Calendar Temperature Large Display Review

Kiersteniiu 04.21.15

BH Body Digital 6" Night Light Alarm Clock Light-activated and Touch-activated Sensor Light Silent Repeating Snooze with Data Date Calendar Temperature Large Display Review BH Body Digital 6" Night Light Alarm Clock Light-activated and Touch-activated Sensor Light Silent Repeating Snooze with Data Date Calendar Temperature Large Display Time (12/24), Calendar (MM/DD), Temperature (C/F), Alarm Status (ON/OFF).Sensor automatically comes on when it's dark around,...


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