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Sonic Alert Extra Loud Dual Alarm Clock with Super Shaker - SB200SSVIEW DETAILS

Sonic Alert Extra Loud Dual Alarm Clock with Super Shaker - SB200SS

Wake Better. Super Loud Alarm Clock with Powerful Bed Shaker. The classic alarm clock with a large, easy on the eyes...

Peakeep 4 Twin Bell Alarm Clock with Stereoscopic Dial, Backlight, Battery Operated Loud Alarm Clock (Black)VIEW DETAILS

Peakeep 4" Twin Bell Alarm Clock with Stereoscopic Dial, Backlight, Battery Operated Loud Alarm Clock (Black)

Peakeep Twin Bell Analog Alarm Clock Classic twin bell alarm clock, this vintage style takes you back to 80's. Loud...

Sonic Alert SBJ525ss Sonic Bomb Jr, Black/RedVIEW DETAILS

Sonic Alert SBJ525ss Sonic Bomb Jr, Black/Red

The sonic bomb jr, aka “the bomb jr”, has been designed for guys and girls of all ages, on a mission and a budget....



Rachel Ray Sonic Bomb

September 19, 2018

Check out the Sonic Bomb Loud/Vibrating Alarm Clock as seen on the Rachel Ray Show! Learn more about the Bomb: ...

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Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock Lightning Review: It Explodes Your Dreams

So Brian told me I had to review the only thing left to try: the Sonic Bomb, which has a 113dB extra loud alarm—louder than a jackhammer or chainsaw—and a bed shaker. easy to ... September 27, 2008

How I Finally Trained Myself To Wake Up Early

Sonic Alert makes serious products for the hard of hearing and hard to wake. When I explained my myriad waking issues to the representative from Sonic Alert, he said I should try the Sonic Bomb Super Shaker Alarm Clock ($52.95). Here's how it works ... December 17, 2014

Sonic Alert 'Traveler' Alarm Clock - A Great Mother's Day Gift for Moms on the Go!

Compact and stylish, the Sonic Traveler alarm clock has a number of other very useful features including Sonic Alert's unique bed vibration that provides a tactile sense ensuring you wake up even while others continue sleeping (with volume turned down).... May 7, 2015

Show Mom The Love This Mother's Day With The Sonic Alert 'Sweetheart' Alarm ...

Show Mom The Love This Mother's Day With The Sonic Alert 'Sweetheart' Alarm Clock. Sonic Alert's latest version of this colorful and versatile extra-loud vibrating alarm clock - guaranteed to wake even the deepest sleepers - is a cheerful way to show ... May 2, 2015

Review: iHome's iBN10 sheds the dock and alarms for a minimalist new four ...

They weren't all formulaic, but there was a very clear evolutionary line from the original 2005-vintage, iPod-only iH5 to the iPad-ready iDL95 released last year: take two speakers, stick a clock in the middle, center a dock on the top, then make the ... December 20, 2014

20 Alarm Clocks That Will Mess With Your Mind In Order To Wake You Up

Several inventive companies have attempted to change the way we wake up, both through a new level of comfort and even some discomfort. From an alarm clock that delivers us the wonderful smell of bacon, to a clock that literally flies away and makes you ... December 26, 2014

pauline deltour's fine collection for lexon, revamps minaudières

consisting of a rechargeable bluetooth 'speaker', a 'power bank', a 'cardholder' and a 'key ring and USB', the 'fine' collection, designed by pauline deltour for lexon, are contemporary essentials that slip into a handbag on workdays and for weekend ... April 7, 2015

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The Citadel

I’m jolted awake by the sound of the fire alarm. My first instinct is to jump to my feet and ... A few of the cots in the room are abandoned, even though my internal clock tells me that it’s nowhere near morning. The other girls are heading towards ... June 29, 2015

Hands On With Amazon's Echo Speaker: Hey, This Thing Is Remarkably Smart

If you live in an apartment or otherwise place the Echo in a room that isn't too cavernous, the device's sonic reach will probably be plenty ... If nothing else, you've got yourself a really nice, futuristic alarm clock that plays podcasts and audiobooks ... June 26, 2015

Bomb Hoax Prank Closes Nyugati Station In Budapest

Bomb disposal experts examined the package and found a ticking alarm clock and a piece of paper with the word “Boom” written on it. The station had to be closed temporarily but was re-operated shortly after 2 p.m. Police are launching criminal proceedings. June 22, 2015

The Big Display Maxx, Multi-Function Alarm Clock For Dads Man Cave This Fathers Day

Sonic Alert® announces its Big Display Maxx (BD4000), extra-large LED dual alarm clock with remote control – ideal for checking time at a glance. The bright red 4” x 11” display has been designed to be easy to see from across the room. With its ... June 16, 2015

The Big Display Maxx, Multi-Function Alarm Clock For Dad’s Man Cave This Father’s Day

The Big Display Maxx multi-function alarm clock from Sonic Alert is easy to see from across the room and controlled by a convenient remote. This stylish clock makes a sleek and helpful addition to dad’s man cave this father’s Day. Sonic Alert ... June 16, 2015

The Sonic Bomb Jr. The Perfect Gift to Wake Up Grads For Summer Jobs

Guaranteed to wake up deep sleeping grads – the Sonic Bomb Junior provides a 102dB alarm as well as a vibrating unit to shake the bed and a pulsating alert light. Popular with the young crowd is built-in USB charging for smart phones – convenient since ... June 9, 2015

Tech Tuesday: Ultimate alarm clock replacement

Happy Tech Tuesday! In my continued quest to save you as much cash ... The iEseentials Bluetooth Stereo Speaker & Dual Alarm Clock Radio that I just finished testing is a dual alarm clock complete with stereo speakers (rather than the one speaker that ... June 8, 2015


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Sonic Boom 06.17.15

Sonic Alert SB1000 Sonic Boom Loud Vibrating Alarm Clock wi... Reviews


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