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NURSAL White Noise Machine Alarm Clock

June 19, 2018

Unboxing the NURSAL White Noise Machine Alarm Clock. A closeup look and test of the micro USB or 3 AA battery operated white noise machine with 8 sounds ...

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"Constructively Occupied"

And what if the most “constructive” thing to do would be to simply focus on therapy? Even while fulfilling The cycle begins again when she wakes up the next morning, usually around six — a new internal alarm clock that is likely a side effect of ... April 3, 2015

Canine companions help improve health of humans

They are trained to react to sounds such as a door knock or doorbell, an oven timer, a smoke detector, an alarm clock, the individual's name being called, a phone ringing, the sound of an intruder or a baby crying. • Seizure Assist Dogs — help people ... March 22, 2015

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Our Sleep Problem and What to Do About It

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OTI, Halfway Point: The Little Things

Caroline Leal

I won’t tell you gleefully I smiled while not setting my alarm clock last night, how late I stayed curled up in my bed sheets this morning, or how long I stood in the shower over the lunch hour singing dramatically depressing songs from Les... Late mornings and leisurely showers are my therapy, and I’ve been lovin’ every minute of our apartment down time thus far. Outside, dandelions are poking up from the (finally green) grass around Hernnhut, and the finding a free table outside Higher Grounds coffee shop is challenging now that all the IHOPers are streaming from here-there-n’-everywhere to bask in the sun. Blogging every other week during this internship was difficult enough “back in the day” (popular intern reference to the earlier weeks of the first half of OTI, which feel like a lifetime ago already). sitting down to blog after over a month of not posting is, ummm, mildly intimidating. I did apologize for the blog silence in my last post. We carry on. I am determined to publish a new post before the day is out, providing I don’t fall asleep in the sun with my cookie dough ice cream avalanche/shake first. Quick commercial break for the avalanche: it’s good. Meanwhile those who know me well are smiling and nodding, because if Caroline isn’t taking pictures of her favorite food/treats and texting them to someone to “make them jealous,” Caroline is writing about her favorite food/treats with sophomoric...

gratuitous kitten post


Like palm sized kind of tiny. She’s still a wee cat, weighing in around 6 lbs, but size is not a measure of worth. She’s my therapy, my entertainment, my alarm clock, my constant companion. Together, we’ve lived in eight different places in three cities, with twelve roommates (not including O or my mom), three other cats, two dogs, and five foster dogs. Cleo’s here with me on this latest adventure, while my other cat and dog stay with my mom in Manitoba, because she has kidney failure and requires special care. I have no idea how much longer we’ll be together but I hope it is many, many more months. If it doesn’t sound too sucky to say, I don’t know how I would have managed moving here without her. Really, this whole post is just an excuse to post pictures of my cat. I wish I had some baby pics but they are all in a box in my mom’s basement so you’ll just have to imagine how big her ears were.



This is the verse that I liked to use when people asked me [or rather defying me hahah] about the bad things that Christians and or Catholic priests do in spite of their priesthood statue. Are we holy enough to throw the first stone. Have a seat and get ourselves a mirror, check if wings are growing out from our shoulders hahahha, Angel already. :-P Check also if we have HALO hanging above of our head hahahaha Saint in the making. :-P If you can't see them in the mirror, then hide your stone, judge not. Second, we are human being too, in spite of their priesthood statue or our Christian statue, we are not Saint nor that their priesthood statue would make them Saint. Of course, being engage in the priesthood, they know exactly what they shall not do, to do justice to their priesthood. And basically it is also what all Christians shall do. to love, to sanctify ourselves, to walk on the holiness path. If ever they do something against Love/Jesus. most probably they would know it and regret it themselves first. If we as the common Christians can feel ashamed for our sins, if we can regret, so do they. Third, didn't Jesus tell us about it already.


Alarm Clocks - Turbo Car Engine Sound - Funny & Innovative

Eric Chan 11.25.09

New and innovative alarm for all car lovers. Alarm sound of Car engine to wake you up every morning. Product of J Concept Ind Ltd - call (852) 2797 3818 or visit

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