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Streamline BTZ750 Rooster Animal Sound Alarm Clock (Non-Ticking)

April 17, 2018

A barnyard's ROOSTER crowing is the universal sign to "RISE AND SHINE" as captured in Streamline's "Nature Calls" Model BTZ950 Animal Sound alarm clock.

What is the best streamline talking alarm clocks?

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Resolution 2015

O ishee

And Facebook is filled with people I've had to add under obligation or peer pressure (face it, you did it too. If I need an alarm I'll stick to the old fashioned clock. No, I'm not talking about clothes. When you think about it, there is a lot of valuable time and energy spent in judging people, habits and actions and attaching meaningless labels to them in your head. I've had enough of it. This year, say no to drugs, alcohol, tobacco and labels. 2015 needs to be a label-less year not only towards the people around me but also myself. And if stop attaching labels to people around us, we might be pleasantly surprised by their behaviour as well. For the past few weeks, I've been writing stories as they come to my head. Without trying to streamline them into any genre or bothering with titles or editing. It's a freeing practice and I'm surprised at the number of stories I seem to be spotting around me all the time. Even on days when I have nothing to say, I'm going to write gibberish. And have a pretty able digestive system, this year I'm going to learn to cook and enjoy the process. Off late, thanks to the new Lakeland store in the city, I've been bitten by the baking bug. But I've actually started to enjoy it. Personally, I can't eat more than a slim slice but.

The classroom of the future – Reflections of week 2 #EDCMOOC


A day made of glass 2 and Bridging our future (below) both gave utopian visions of how technology could shape day to day life and more significantly for me as an educator, the classroom of the future. In many ways the visions show little change, with many day to day objects and devices such as the alarm clock, the car and the tablet, still featuring and playing their current role but a little ‘shinier’. I am now teaching in HE and in any given session I will find some students working with iPads/tablets, some using smart phones, others on laptops, and others preferring paper and pen. When I was teaching in school BYOD was not desired by our leadership but we had Interactive Whiteboards, ICT suites and laptops (although reliability of laptops was often an issue) all at our disposal. How does that picture, or these visions compare to your classrooms of today. Bridging the future for me showcased collaboration, problem solving & investigating, creativity, design, connecting learners with experts, ‘real world’ applications, assessment/progress monitoring, homework, and practical work. These are all aspects of teaching and learning which are already a part of today’s classroom. I can think of topics I have taught where aspects such as problem based learning were embedded to great success, or where we introduced students to a STEM ambassador to put the topic into context. be it logistical, lack of resources or the ever present excuse of lack of time.

Video "it's not luck" talking alarm clocks ad

totaljobs 09.08.10

It's not luck, it's alarm clocks are talking. One tells the other about how great it is to be a truck driver.

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