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Quartz Cuckoo Clock Swiss House with Music by Trenkle

March 16, 2020

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Bill Galinsky is nuts for cuckoo clocks

Bill Galinsky works on repairing a customer's German 1970 Hubert Herr cuckoo clock. Galinsky, a master cuckoo clock carver and maker, repairs about 200 cuckoo clocks each year. He estimates he makes another couple hundred clocks annually that he ... December 26, 2014

How The Wall Came Tumbling Down: Made In Germany

The unnatural division of a people in my adopted home was at an end. In the video below you'll I entered the watch industry by way of a publishing house in 1991. Over this near Since Henlein's death in 1542, Germany has progressed quite a way ... September 28, 2014

The time lords

The shop itself contains hundreds of clocks — wood ones, metal ones, car and cat-shaped ones, all ticking away, filling the crowded Edmonton shop with bings, bongs, and the chimes of Westminster every hour. “Never a dull moment in “You run across ... August 23, 2014

The Best Players at the World Cup, in GIFs

Why: Balotelli is the perfect kind of "Italian soccer crazy" you want at World Cup time. One of the best goal scorers in the world, solid defender, beautiful ball carrier, unselfish teammate, and just plain cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs off the pitch. He's a ... June 10, 2014

I am… Thirunavakarishu Pillai, watch repair man

I learnt how to repair quartz watches from him,” explains Kannan. That came in handy when Kannan But if the customer is willing to bear the cost, I can repair almost any clock or watch, including cuckoo clocks,” he says with pride. Although Kannan ... December 4, 2013

Dr George Daniels: 'Watchmaking god's' collection auctioned

Watchmaker Roger Smith, who moved to the Isle of Man in 1988 to work with Dr Daniels, said: "It is the equivalent of one man designing and making every single component of the greatest car the world has ever seen in his garage at home, right down to ... November 1, 2012

Time is running out for Canada's last watchmaking school

The last surviving watchmaking school in Canada is a cacophonous testament to the march of time. Cuckoo clocks trill. Grandfather clocks chime. Stout-faced wall clocks mark the passing seconds a tick at a time. It seems like a cruel irony, but this ... November 2, 2012

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Red Card And A Penalty

Everyone who has ever had anything to do with football is currently in a Swiss jail awaiting a long stay at her majesty's pleasure, or whatever is the equivalent in the land of the cuckoo clock ... Britain has been the home of football since British ... May 29, 2015

Sugarcreek: It’s a village on the move

The heritage of the village can be traced to German and Swiss settlers, hence the nickname “The Little Switzerland of Ohio.” Among the attractions which draw visitors to the village is a huge cuckoo clock featuring ... Yoder Amish Home, Alpine Hills ... May 29, 2015

Dark Star’ gives a look into H.R. Giger’s fantastic but macabre world

The cuckoo clock.” But the alpine country also gave birth to the ... Bars, museum and whimsical house of horrors Swiss and foreign aficionados alike flock to the HR Giger Museum, which opened in 1998 at a chateau Giger acquired in the medieval walled ... May 24, 2015


Quartz Cuckoo Clock Black forest house with music, turning dancers, incl. batteries TU 469 QMT HZZG Review

Willettall 12.14.14

Quartz Cuckoo Clock Black forest house with music, turning dancers, incl. batteries TU 469 QMT HZZG Review Quartz Cuckoo Clock Black forest house with music, turning dancers, incl. batteries TU 469 QMT HZZG