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Did Alice Crimmins Kill Her Kids?

The screen was later found outside, leaning against the wall beneath the window, and nearby was a “porter's stroller”—a converted baby-carriage with a box on it. Alice's husband, an .. Detectives monitored the apartment around the clock from the ...

www.thedailybeast.com April 11, 2015

Lake County's Geysers provides electricity, jobs — and tours

Around the clock, seven days a week, its 15 plants hum quietly and efficiently, cranking out 6 million megawatts of natural, clean energy a year, enough to supply 39 percent of the United States' geothermal generation, and 18 percent of California's ...

www.sfgate.com April 10, 2015

What It Really Means to Eat a Big Mac at the Arctic Circle

We danced around amidst the cacophony of slamming lockers and yelled conversations, waving the tall soft-serve cones over our heads, the hallways glowing orange in the early-afternoon setting sun, so close to the Arctic Circle. . up to see the menu ...

www.eater.com April 9, 2015

A Log Mansion in Windham, NY, Asks $8 Million

But it is so cool to sit and have hot chocolate at 11 o'clock at night and see these gigantic Cats driving by.' Brainard Ridge Realty … The stone walkway, pictured, is a tunnel which goes through the tremendous chimney coming up from The lower ...

www.wsj.com April 8, 2015

Lion Face Lemon Face 04/03: Record-Setting Steph goes for 45

“If Justin Bieber was 7 feet tall, he'd look like that.” – Kevin Harlan describing Meyers Leonard after the dunk . And lastly, per Elias, this was only the 2nd time in the shot-clock era that a team who led by at least 19 at half, trailed by as many ...

hardwoodparoxysm.com April 10, 2015

This alarm clock showers you with targeted beams of light and sound

If the Wak? works as well as its makers claim (and the manufacturer makes some tall claims) many sleep-deprived couples could soon be waking up to domestic felicity and enhanced professional productivity. The wall-mounted “personal sunrise” alarm uses ...

www.techhive.com April 8, 2015

City Hall ghost story

The night, which began at 8 o'clock, was the first official ghost hunt to be held within the 114-year-old limestone French Second Empire headquarters of Philadelphia government. Feinstein, who has patrolled City Hall for seven Bang a wall or move a ...

www.philly.com April 9, 2015

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The Game

I opened the door like it had never been locked before and stepped into a looming maze of wall and grandfather clocks. I stared at them, tall and dark brown, with their golden guts of wheels and springs. I looked each of them in the face, but saw none of ...

www.teenink.com April 12, 2015

Renovation Inspiration Contest | Large Residential co-winners: High-tech couple create a buzz over Penn Avenue in Garfield

which is why it was named a co-winner in the large residential category (over $50,000 ... Sixteen lanterns from their wedding dangle like illuminated jewels from the high ceiling, while wall hangings picked up on their travels through Southeast Asia ...

www.post-gazette.com April 11, 2015

Meet the 10-Inch Tall Six-Meat Burger That Will Unhinge Your Jaw and Break Your Heart

A bold restaurant in Manchester, England is selling a 10-inch tall burger featuring two beef patties ... That's why this girl was eating McDonald's at nine o'clock at night, after a big dinner, at the end of a day of plenty of food. I understood.

www.msn.com April 10, 2015

Smartphones: A Modern Videographer's Best Friend

And it takes several large pieces of equipment to get the job done ... means putting your phone on a fence post or putting it on the ground or leaning against a wall, stuff like that." he says "They also stress the importance of making the light work ...

www.kxnet.com April 10, 2015

Hillary Clinton to announce presidential bid Sunday as she slips in polls

Both ABC News and the Wall Street Journal were the first to report about the ... CNN first reported the lease on April 6, starting the "clock ticking." Clinton has also been hiring staff for her campaign at the same time, and President Barack Obama's ...

www.examiner.com April 9, 2015

Liberal Democrats Try to Push Hillary Clinton Left

At a 2013 event sponsored by the Wall Street bank Goldman Sachs Group Inc., GS 0.03 % she said she wasn’t interested in “turning the clock back or pointing fingers” regarding the causes of the financial crisis, according to two people in the room ...

www.wsj.com April 8, 2015

S.C. Firefighters Recall Surviving a Building Collapse

Diamanti estimates that the home's large sections of brick wall that fell could have weighed between 300 ... On the day of the fire when the men were injured, they were on the clock as part-time firemen. During other shifts, they volunteer.

www.firehouse.com April 9, 2015


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