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Timex Expedition Easy Set Alarm Watch Review

March 12, 2020

My review of the now discontinued Timex Expedition Easy Set Alarm.

What is the best timex indiglo alarm clocks?

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Why a Just-Smart-Enough Watch Is Better Than an Apple Watch

Neatest Trick: Activate its compass mode and the second hand will point due north while the digital display shows the cardinal direction that the watch's 12 o'clock position is facing. There's also a digital thermometer, five alarms, a stopwatch and a ...

www.wsj.com March 12, 2015

Fitbit Wristband Users Complain of Rashes

Fitbit, a maker of wristbands that track physical fitness, says it is "helping people lead healthier, more active lives." But complaints continue to mount from users who say Fitbit's newest product, the Force band, is causing blisters, rashes and itchy ...

www.wsj.com February 14, 2014

Timex T49971 watch, Binatone Brick: Big, chunky look is in

a 100-hour chronograph with lap and split times, a 24-hour countdown timer with stop and repeat capabilities, three time zone settings, three daily alarms with a 5-minute back up feature, INDIGLO night-light technology and water resistance up to ...

www.financialexpress.com December 18, 2014

Are you a watch enthusiast? Here are some great options That do more than just ...

Designed for divers, this watch from the Timex Adventure series features a depth gauge in the dial. On the side of It has an amber LED light, stainless steel band, claimed 10-year battery life, a Databank that supports 25 entries, 8-digit display ...

articles.economictimes.indiatimes.com May 6, 2014

Slate: Blackberries and iPods Sending Timex the Way of Betamax

When I was working at the public library I often encountered teenagers who could not tell time from a clock with hands. They'd ask me what time it was, I'd point to the clock on the wall, and they'd say "I don't know what that means." I didn't think ...

gizmodo.com March 9, 2007

Timex celebrates rich heritage in new Originals collection

The highlight is a striking reissue of a Timex watch from the 1970s. Maintaining all of the design details and signatures which give it individuality, the watch has been reproduced using modern materials and technology to deliver a contemporary edition....

www.moodiereport.com March 23, 2010

Timex 80 Metal Jumbo retro-styled watch

Well, the clue is in the name - this is a 'Jumbo' version of the retro-styled digital watch, with a metal casing in a gold or silver finish (colour, not previous metal) and with all the essential functions - time, date, alarm and stopwatch. There's ...

www.retrotogo.com August 27, 2010

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Time after Timex

INCEPTION Founded in 1854 by brass manufacturer Benedict & Burnham in Waterbury, Connecticut, the Waterbury Clock Company singlehandedly ... Trade Center bombing of 1993, Timex made headlines with their recently patented Indiglo technology.

www.philstar.com November 13, 2014

Daily gear deals: $5 Timex travel alarm clock, $49 SwissGear backpack and more

Here are Gadling’s hottest daily gear deals for today ... Today’s first deal is for a Timex travel alarm clock. This compact clock features Indiglo, a twist-to-set alarm knob and a built in flashlight. On sale for $4.99 at 1saleaday.com.

gadling.com February 20, 2011

Daily gear deals: $10 travel alarm clock, $13 flashlight pack and more

On sale from Tanga.com for $5.99. Click here for this deal. Our third deal is for a Timex portable travel alarm clock/flashlight. Features Indiglo backlight, Easyset clock/alarm and a carrying pouch. On sale for $10. Click here for this deal. And finally ...

gadling.com December 6, 2010

Timex Expedition WS4 widescreen watch

The Timex Expedition WS4 looks like a nifty timepiece for watch geeks. It has a widescreen display and a multifunction dashboard with an altimeter, barometer, compass and a thermometer. It’s water resistant, and has a daily alarm settable for daily ...

the-gadgeteer.com May 22, 2009

Timex Expedition WS4 can't wait to get you outdoors

Timex has always had a thing for pumping ... thermometer, chronograph, alarm and compass. It'll also resist water intrusion for up to 50 meters, get lit via Indiglo and arrive in a variety of hues to match your favorite day pack. Word on the street has ...

www.engadget.com February 2, 2009

Timex iPod Alarm Clock

But I suppose after using the Timex Ti700 for a few months ... or anything else; Thus, my alarm clock needs to be visible only when I go looking for it. Unfortunately even the lowest Indiglo setting is like having a car’s headlight right behind my ...

gigaom.com September 20, 2007

Timex Ti700 iPod alarm clock

Timex ... other iPod alarm clocks, a remote control. The remote lets you to turn the system on or off, play or pause the iPod, change songs on the iPod and adjust the volume. It also features a button for the three radio presets, a Indiglo controls ...

blastmagazine.com March 31, 2007


Timex T123S Alarm Clock Hack

Janeen Magana 06.25.15

Timex T123S Alarm Clock Hack


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