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Tocky the runaway alarm clock review

March 11, 2020

If you, like us, have trouble hauling your self out of bed in the morning, meet Tocky. This little guy will jump off your nightstand and start rolling around the room in ...

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Clocky & Tocky Alarm Clocks Save Up To 20%

If you need a new alarm clock to wake you up in the morning then we have some great deals on the Clocky Alarm Clock & Tocky Alarm Clock in the Deals Store. First up is the Tocky Alarm Clock which normally retails for $50, although you can ... July 3, 2015

Tocky alarm clock jumps for joy and runs away from you to wake you up

If you snooze, Tocky will jump off your bedside table and run around beeping to get you up (he works on carpet and wooden floors). There's also the option to turn off the rolling and jumping function to use him like a conventional alarm clock if it all ... July 2, 2015

Wake Up! Now Go Find Your Tocky Alarm Clock! (Hint: It's Hiding!)

First off, it's an alarm clock. You can set the time (12 or 24 hour), the volume, and the alarm time. But this one is also touch sensitive — you set the time and alarm by dragging your finger (in a circle) around the Tocky's front ring. It's touch ... July 3, 2013

The Bully on the Night Stand

It's better looking than Clocky, and it can play MP3s in addition to sounding alarms. But at $60, Tocky is more expensive than Clocky, and just as infuriating. In fact, that's the point — your rage at springing out of bed to catch the blasted clock is ... June 27, 2012

Get Out Of Bed

Clocky and Tocky rolling alarm clocks get two unsuspecting Parisians out of bed and on the streets of Paris. Buy one now: Category. Science & Technology. License. Standard License. Show more... September 6, 2011

NPR Tocky clock: Wake up and smell the radio hosts

Annoying alarm clock that's designed to jump off the nightstand and roll around making a racket till you catch it gets slightly less annoying with the addition of preloaded National Public Radio voices.... November 19, 2011

Tocky Alarm Clocks Runs A Muck Until You Shut It Down

Meet Clocky's brother, Tocky. And just like it's sibling it will leap from your nightstand and roll around on your bedroom floor until you chase it down and turn off the audible alarm. You can program it with your favorite MP3 tune or record any voice ... September 22, 2010


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Since 21 12.14.10

Nanda Tocky out?ted with a microphone so that you can record your own sounds.Wake-up to your mom’s voice calling you to get up even when you’re 3000 miles away.Tocky can also upload MP3s. Listen to your favorite tracks as they roll around your room!Tocky’s a breeze to use with his touch sensitive interface.Just spin your ?nger around the dial to change the time or the track. “Skins” for the Tocky,also allow to change to suit each owner mood or interior design.