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Happy times with modern and classic timepieces from Kieninger

Founded in 1912 in by Joseph Kieninger, Kieninger is the oldest existing manufacturer of mechanical clock movements for Grandfather clocks, wall and mantel clocks in the world. multitude of partially patented technical innovations and clock-making ... March 4, 2015

National Watch & Clock Museum opens exhibit of alarm clocks

"We do have examples of [19th-century] shelf clocks or mantel clocks that have alarm mechanisms in them," Knaub says. "You didn't have a bedside alarm … so these could be set to go off at some point and it would basically wake the whole house.".... April 21, 2013

More Than 325 Lots of Rare Antique Clocks, Barometers and Related ...

A French Chronos & Amour (“Father Time and Love”) silk thread figural mantle clock, in a gilt bronze finish and in excellent overall condition, 21 inches in height, should command $15,000-$25,000. It shows a large boat with swans' heads, Amour at the ... May 4, 2014

235: Seth Thomas Triple Decker Clock,

Seth Thomas Triple Decker Clock, ca 1840. 8-day brass weight driven time and strike movement, with painted tin dial and open escapement. Original printed and illustrated S. Thomas/Plymouth, Conn./U.S.A. label. Mahogany veneer case with cove molded ... January 16, 2009

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MARTI HEALY: Stopping the clock, setting time free

It’s a relatively small mantle clock. Wooden, inlaid with a delicate floral design now barely visible beneath its years of patina. A key winds both the timekeeping and chime works within it. It is a subtle presence. A quiet ticking punctuated with hourly ... March 10, 2015


pendulum The German clock with silvered chapeter ring to brass dial, triple barrel movement striking the quaters on eight gongs The French clock --12 in. (30 cm.) high the German clock -- 16 in. (41 cm) high June 27, 2011


The white enamel dial with strike/silent to the IX and chime/silent to the III, blued steel hands, the triple barrels movement with anchor escapement, striking the quarters on four gongs and the hours on further gong, the back plate stamped 'MAPLE & Co ... November 9, 2009

It's Time To Celebrate With Sligh's 125th Anniversary Clocks

A charming secret storage area is stowed inside the clock base under a removable false bottom panel. Choose from two chime options: 1) a cable driven triple chime movement ... Estimated retail price: $1,999. 125th anniversary mantel clock Sligh’s 125th ... July 9, 2004


Bulova Collins Majestic Triple Chime Key-Wound mantel clock

Bodaciousjaialai 05.22.15

Bulova Collins Majestic Triple Chime Key-Wound mantel clock