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March 20, 2018

As you guys probably already know, this DIY is part of Kelsey's bedroom makeover! We made this super stylish diy copper tripod lamp. We love how it turned out and for way less than the original....

What is the best tripod floor clocks?

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gavin akaho

As a group we decided that our short film should be comedic mockumentary, we originally had two ideas and the one we chose title will either be Paranoia Activity or Paranoid Activity. We collectively came up with various different ideas for the short, and assigned ourselves with primary leading roles whilst based on what we felt we were best at or what we wanted to do but allowing each other to venture into other roles helping... Another character in the short film is a female student called Sarah, Sarah is also a British Caucasian nineteen year old (born 17/5/1996) from London and also has two siblings an older and younger sister, she is fairly tall at 5ft 6inch and... She is a Catholic Christian but has a habit of getting hot headed she likes to watch chick flicks and likes poems, she dresses smart and trendy He brings in stacks of food and drink, dried pastas, tins and bottles of water.

(29th Annual) Big Climb for Leukemia 2015

The Literary Exhibitionist

For the first time in years and years, I just went back and read my journal entry from the first time Danielle and I did the Big Climb for Leukemia -- on March 3, 2002. That was thirteen years ago, and barely more than a week after I first started... It should be noted that the entry starts with several paragraphs about online technical issues from the time that hold no relevance. But it did reveal some interesting differences between the Big Climb in 2002 and the Big Climb of 2015. Perhaps most notably, a couple of weeks ago I had told Danielle I was concerned that being 13 years older might make the climb more difficult... I walked plenty but I didn't even own a bicycle in 2002. I'm not even really sore today, and I rode a Pronto bicycle to work this morning. 2002 was also three years before I joined Flickr, so the photos I linked to in that entry were scanned into one collage image I loaded onto my old tripod website (which still loads), but those photos are not much more easily navigated on Flickr here. Yesterday's photos, of course, can be viewed in their photo set on Flickr by clicking any of the three photos seen in today's entry. I took pictures of Danielle at each landing a coworker of hers said he bet she'd never make it past: floors 40, 50 and 73. For reaching the 40th floor, he'll have to buy her coffee for a week.

Carpet Spruce Swamp: Frittering Away the Afternoon at Sitz Pond


After arriving around noon and crossing the pond’s difficult outlet stream, the perfect camping spot presents itself almost immediately upon my return to the vicinity of the pond’s northeastern corner. Despite the ideal campsite, the allure of getting closer to Middle South Pond continues to tempt me. With the bushwhack back to the Upper South Pond Trail and the long drive out of the backcountry via Bear Pond Road , tomorrow is going to be a... Anything that can make it a little less lengthy is a good thing, especially with a retirement party requiring my presence late in the day. Since I cannot fully exorcise myself of thought of moving farther west, I put off setting up my campsite for a good deal of the afternoon. Despite this reticence, I still hang my food bag from one of the great hemlocks, just so I am not compelled to babysit it until I make up my mind. The pile of black bear scat I nearly step in during the hanging does make me think moving on might be the best move, but since it is fairly old, it is by no means decisive. Date: June 21, 2013. Length: negligible miles (2. 4 total daily miles. After a few chores, I spend the majority of the afternoon bouncing back and forth from under the stately hemlocks to the rocks along Sitz’s northern shoreline. Each location has its own allure, with the cooler shade and the chatty birds of the canopy under the hemlocks competing with the gorgeous view of the pond, its stately white pines standing over all on the western shore.


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Roseannewdd 01.06.15

Deco 79 Metal Tripod Floor Clock, 62 by 16-Inch Review

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