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HOMY Large Wall Clock Decorative 3D DIY Luxurious Silent and Modern Home decorations

March 17, 2018

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What is the best very large decorative wall clocks?

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My Week 26: Chip Dip, Camouflage Pants, and The Great Flood


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Angels Comtoise - Part 2 (Repairs)


As you can see from the "before" photos in the previous post, the clock needed some attention. The case panels and frame needed refinishing, the movement desperately needed cleaning, and there were several bent levers. I also noticed that the clock was not striking properly. The brass front has the original crimping around the edges, and retains the original brass rivets that hold it together. One holds the porcelain dial, and the other holds the thin brass decoration. I will often say "this was one of the filthiest clocks I've worked on" but this time, I mean it. This was the ammonia cleaning solution after cleaning the wheels. I don't really know what was used on this clock, but the parts did have a roofing tar smell to them while I was drying them. Below you can see the cleaned and buffed (with #0000 steel wool) parts, with all the bent and damaged levers straightened. One of the fun discoveries on this clock is that it was made as part of a batch, and this one was punched as "number 5" with either 5 dots, or 5 small notches (on bridge pieces and the main frame). Not all the parts were marked, but all of the large ones including the pillars and frame were marked.

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