(Grey) - Braun Digital Multi-Region Radio Controlled Alarm Clock with Snooze,

(Grey) - Braun Digital Multi-Region Radio Controlled Alarm Clock with Snooze,

(Grey) - Braun Digital Multi-Region Radio Controlled Alarm Clock with Snooze,

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Colour: Grey

The hiring of Dieter Rams in 1955 had far-reaching implications for Braun. Starting as an interior designer, Dieter Rams soon became the nucleus of Braun design. Braun set new design standards for clarity and reduction, combined with innovative technology for clocks, watches and calculators in the 1980s. Rams and his colleague Dietrich Lubs launched a range of functional timepieces based on the established visual language that made Braun products iconic. In recent years this range has been re-established, revived and updated to bring the past forward. Dieter Rams later emerged as one of the most influential industrial designers of the late 20th century by defining an elegant, legible, yet rigorous visual language that is ingrained in every Braun product.The Braun digital travel, alarm and radio clocks have received global recognition from different design experts. This range of innovative and cutting edge clocks are designed for the 21st century, reflecting Braun's core philosophy that design mirrors functionality. Here, technical excellence and quality combine to form the new aesthetic.Over the last six decades, design has become a core pillar of the Braun brand. The values of quality, functionality, clarity, longevity and timelessness have been integrated into an enduring design philosophy. Braun users identify with these values; for them, Braun watches, Braun clocks, and Braun calculators are long-term companions.Over the past 60 years, Braun has become an institution in the design community and a frequent reference point in the education of each new generation of creatives. That recognition also extends to being one of the world’s most renowned designs, having received a total of 18 awards in the past 5 years.

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