Take Control of Your iPod: Beyond the Music

Take Control of Your iPod: Beyond the Music

Learn a dozen ways to do more with an iPod than just listen to music! Written by gadget-wizard Steve Sande, this 136-page book helps you advance to the next level of iPod mastery. You'll learn basics like charging an iPod and moving music over to it, but most of the book looks at all the other stuff you can do with an iPod: track calendar items and contacts, keep to-do lists, exercise, read ebooks and RSS feeds, listen to podcasts and audiobooks, watch video, view subway maps, back up your hard drive, and much more! (Click Front Matter, just below, to see the complete topic list.) The book begins with colorful comparison charts of the various iPod models, just in case you aren't sure which iPod you have, since you may not realize that the iPod you bought few years ago is now considered a "second-generation iPod" or you may have received your iPod as a hand-me-down, sans manual. This book provides instructions for both Mac OS X and Windows users. iPod touch users: please note that this ebook covers the iPod touch only to the extent that it behaves like a regular iPod. It does not cover the iPod touch's many unique features. Read this book to learn answers to questions such as these: Which iPod do I have? Can I replace my radio alarm clock with an iPod? How do I read RSS news feeds on my iPod? How do I put maps and directions on my iPod? How can I read long Microsoft Word documents on an iPod? How do I sync music videos to an iPod? How do I put Flash-based videos from YouTube on my iPod? How can I convert a DVD so I can watch the video on an iPod? Which iPods are best for using as voice recorders?

Take Control Books. 2009. ISBN: 9781615422555,1615422552. 137 pages.


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