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Retro Alarm Clocks // New & Popular 2017

March 17, 2018

Retro Alarm Clocks // New & Popular 2017 For More Details about this great Alarm Clocks, Just Click this Circle: For...

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Manitowoc History: Remembering the Liberty Exchange

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50 Ideas to Recycle An Old Car into a piece of furniture

Nicolas Martin

Memories of family times and holidays, that sense of respect and trustworthiness when you were given or inherited your first car, the remembrance of people who used to drive that car and are now long gone, the feeling of being free once seated... Upcycling a car into a piece of furniture, is therefore a good alternative to keep your beloved near you a little bit longer (I cannot but help associating this idea to “Taxidermy for cars”…). Here are our favorite 50 Ideas to Recycle An Old Car Into A Piece of Furniture. Cars Recycled as Office Desks A day at the office is not always fun, and cubicles are overrated. I’m pretty sure that with such an office desk, I’d call sick less often…. Conclusion As you will have probably noticed, most recycling ideas listed above highly relied on “decommissioned” cars made by Volkswagen (Beetle & Type 2 Minib us) , BMC ( Austin Mini) and Mercedes. Is there a particular brand or car type that you would love to upcycle and showcase in your home. And how would you re-purpose it (bed, couch, BBQ, garden container, desk, other).


(Adam Crolla)

Ziferblat started in London but now is here in Manchester, and is a unique concept which a lot of people are investigating, as it's that rare beast of being something Manchester City Centre hasn't seen before. The concept is that of "micro-tenancy", where instead of paying for the food and drink you consume, you are instead paying a per-minute charge for the use of the space. The food and drink part is free. You're coming "home" to relax, where the food and drink is laid out for you. The best way I could describe it is a youth club for adults: you're buzzed in through the front door (which is tricky to find really. it's not massively signposted, but it's near Home Sweet Home in Manchester's trendy Northern Quarter), where you then go upstairs and "check in" at the main desk, where you give your name and are explained the concept and charging system, and... For 5p-per-minute you can use the space to your heart's content. At first I wasn't sure about the concept, and worried that in being given a little alarm clock at check in, you'd feel "metered" as it were, but although they don't seem to give clocks out now, I didn't feel pressured, in fact I felt very relaxed. There was no rush, they didn't want you out after your drink, or need to clean up after you, so you didn't feel you were being an imposition, and in this spirit, there are board games, magazines, and papers dotted around for you to enjoy. The food and drink situation is that of a communal.


Lulu.B xox

As my "New year new room" blog post series draws to an end, I thought I would send it off with one of the most exciting posts I've ever done. I hope you guys have enjoyed this blog post series just as much as I have writing them, thank-you all for being such lovey readers and enjoy. The first thing you see when you walk into my room other than my bed is my bedside table and on their I have this big gorgeous bird cage lamp from next home and my alarm clock. On the left hand side of my bedside table I have one of Ikea's skurar pots and inside I have some petty pink artificial flowers also from Ikea. Next to my radiator I have this cute and cosy "pink scene" with a chair, only £11. 00 from Ikea. On that chair I placed a pink checked cushion also from Ikea which really matches with the whole overveiw, underneath and alongside my chair I have some of the Ikea pingla boxes which I love. They just have a really simple pink candy man stripe and I keep lots of beauty products and stuff in them. Then above my radiator I have my window sill where I placed my pink Ikea lantern on the right hand side and my Revlon mirror on the left. Which I think might also be from Laura Ashley, on top of that I have lots of beauty bits and bob, I've got a Ted Baker makeup bag, box set and nail varnish set.

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Mad about the '60s

The midcentury go-getter stepped smartly on time to his first meeting of the day thanks to an actual alarm clock. He made sure to wind it the night before. Today's cellphone does the same job with a beep, but it can't equal the bed-stand flair of a retro ... April 10, 2015


New England Patriots Logo Scoreboard Alarm Desk Clock Review

Laurenarlu 03.04.15

New England Patriots Logo Scoreboard Alarm Desk Clock Review New England Patriots Logo Scoreboard Alarm Desk Clock Made out of glass and plasticDisplays time, date and temperatureFeatures the Patriots logoFully digital and plugs into the wallApproximate dimensions are 6.5" x 9

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