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Budget Flip Clock Flip Out

March 14, 2020

Flip clocks appear to be back in fashion - are the cheap ones any good? - Click Show More to expand this text box... Purchasing Links below (all affiliated): White ...

What is the best vintage looking digital alarm clock?

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Let's Assume the Kids (and Ahmed) Are Alright, Not Criminals

Last Sunday night in Irving, Texas, a 14-year-old boy named Ahmed Mohamed got bored. But instead of firing up his Xbox for a few rounds of Counter-Strike or checking up on his fantasy football progress, Ahmed decided to build a digital clock from scratch.... September 18, 2015

Handcuffed for Making Clock, Ahmed Mohamed, 14, Wins Time With Obama

HOUSTON — Ahmed Mohamed's homemade alarm clock got him suspended from his suburban Dallas high school and detained and handcuffed by police officers on Monday after school officials accused him of making a fake bomb. By Wednesday, it had ... September 16, 2015

Teen arrested for homemade clock gets offers from Twitter, MIT

After the 14-year-old boy was arrested for bringing a homemade digital clock to his high school, he was soon offered a long list of unique opportunities from an invitation to tour MIT to a Space Camp scholarship.... September 17, 2015

WatchOS 2 Is A No-Show Thanks To Bug

Apple Watch owners looking forward to the release of watchOS 2 met with disappointment Wednesday as Apple put the release on hold. The company did not go into extensive Last on the developer front, watchOS 2 adds HomeKit integration, which means ... September 17, 2015

Dan Rogers gives students words of encouragement during talk this week

While walking Rogers experienced a level of freedom that most of us never realize in our daily lives, He had no boss, no alarm clock, and no where he had to be. This freedom allowed him to make a physical, mental and spiritual journey that has forever ... September 18, 2015

Muslim teen creates clock, shows teachers, gets arrested

A teenager with dreams of becoming an engineer, he wanted to show his teacher the digital clock he'd made from a pencil case. The 14-year-old's day A photo shows Ahmed, wearing a NASA t-shirt, looking confused and upset as he's being led out of ... September 16, 2015

About time! The celebs standing with Ahmed Mohamed and his clock

Texan teen Ahmad Mohamed brought a homemade alarm clock to school in an attempt to 'wow' his engineering teacher. Other teachers were not impressed, thinking his clock to be bomb. The principal called the police, and the 14-year-old was handcuffed ... September 17, 2015


Baakyeek Vintage 4" Large Twin Bell Alarm Clock (Black) Review

Corneliamn 08.28.14

Baakyeek Vintage 4" Large Twin Bell Alarm Clock (Black) Review Baakyeek Vintage 4" Large Twin Bell Alarm Clock (Black) Easy-to-read analog displayWith Night light bottomStainless metalVintageTable