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What is the best vintage metallic wall clocks?

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Marni Jameson: What to do when design styles collide

When I asked how a modern glass-and-chrome coffee table could live in a room with a country pine table, Kilmer-Purcell suggested painting an accent wall in a distressed (vintage) metallic (modern) finish. He also liked my idea of setting an old vintage ... September 4, 2015

Home: New decorating trends for the new year

Stainless steel and nickel finishes are still prevalent, but warmer metallic tones such as gold, brass and bronze are surging in popularity. In addition to bathroom fixtures and hardware, we're seeing these brassy metallics in lighting fixtures ... September 9, 2015

Top tips for destination decor

Maps, those essential traveller accessories, make a brilliant wall decoration, and Digetex Home has a vintage-style Old Paris Map for walls, from £79. Alternatively, feature an iconic Clock-watch, until your next trip, with a French-style Newgate ... August 20, 2015

Designer Martha O'Hara's Minneapolis home is infused with Southern comfort

In the living room, for example, designer Carrie Rodman mingled an iconic Knoll Platner metal easy chair with comfy upholstered sofas, reflecting Martha's fondness for traditional, with “a bit of a modern edge,” said Rodman. Next weekend A Turkish ... August 8, 2015

30 of the world's best hotel bars

With its Baccarat chandeliers, antique fireplace, damask walls and Chesterfield armchairs, this Victorian-themed bar is one undoubtedly classy establishment. Top shelf bottles are offered alongside champagne cocktails and staples like the sherry ... May 4, 2015

2016 Mazda MX-5: The Miata Gets Back on Track

Fiat-Chrysler will begin production of a Fiat roadster based on the MX-5, much as Subaru and Scion have conspired on the BRZ/FR-S. The Fiat 124 Spider will have its own sheet metal but Mazda's suddenly sexy silhouette is in a great place to start.... June 5, 2015

Prada and Gucci Advance the Gender Blur, Plus Reviews of Calvin Klein and Missoni

MILAN — Hanging floor to ceiling and wall to wall around a gallery in month-old Fondazione Prada on the outskirts of this city, there are dozens of paintings belonging to Miuccia Prada and Patrizio Bertelli. The salon-style installation plays off the ... June 22, 2015


Uttermost Vintage License Plates 29" Wall Clock Review

Monanql 01.06.15

Uttermost Vintage License Plates 29" Wall Clock Review