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What is the best vintage mid century modern wall clocks?

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In The Common Core Era, Families Flock To Its Opposite

But talk to him a bit, and you'll find that this bespectacled man who has never owned a television and disdains modern teaching methods—“Advanced Placement teachers don't assign whole books. It's a preparation with no In other words, they study ... September 8, 2015

Marni Jameson: What to do when design styles collide

When I asked how a modern glass-and-chrome coffee table could live in a room with a country pine table, Kilmer-Purcell suggested painting an accent wall in a distressed (vintage) metallic (modern) finish. He also liked my idea of setting an old vintage ... September 4, 2015

The Talented Mr. Haines

This grouping in the Sunnylands master bedroom is anchored by the large button-tufted settee, with a striking cushion that curves upward into abstracted armrests. Photo courtesy When Ann and Jack Warner finally decided to buy a place in Palm ... September 1, 2015

Queensland history: Brisbane in 1975 through pictures and newspaper ads

The future South Bank was just a grassy expanse, and with the new Riverside Expressway just completed, Brisbane City was still a jumble of wood and tin colonials, a handful of skyscrapers and 19th century sandstone. And the A split-level two ... September 2, 2015

Industrial-style Underpass chrome wall clock by Newgate

As you might have guessed, this is a wall clock based on the designs used in factories and industrial facilities in the early to mid-20th century. A look that's also popular in retro interiors right now. There's more than a touch of Mondaine about it ... August 28, 2015

Orbit In Retains Midcentury Modern Courtyard Style in Palm Springs

Miller says The Orbit In “was restored by a top local architectural firm and retains many of its original features, including built-in wall clocks in the rooms and Vintage Dwyer metal kitchens. Even the furnishings are authentic collectibles, including ... February 24, 2015

Vintage Modern

Irving Harper, designer of the Marshmallow Sofa and several other classic midcentury modern designs, has died at the age of 99. In June 2001, editorial and brand director Paul Makovsky And those vintage Howard Miller 1950s Ball Clocks that you keep ... August 5, 2015


Vintage Industrial Inspired Furniture / Mid-Century Modern

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Vintage Industrial Inspired Furniture / Mid-Century Modern