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Slowslient Mini Non-ticking Vintage Classic Bedside/Table Alarm Clock with Backlight, Battery Operated Travel Clock, Round Twin Bell Loud Alarm Clock (Black)VIEW DETAILS

Slowslient Mini Non-ticking Vintage Classic Bedside/Table Alarm Clock with Backlight, Battery Operated Travel Clock, Round Twin Bell Loud Alarm Clock (Black)

Features: ✿100% Brand new and high quality. ✿Fashion and durable,Simple and useful ✿Mini travel size, battery...

Slash 3 Vintage Retro Old Fashioned Quiet Non-ticking Sweep Second Hand, Quartz Analog Twin Bell Clock, Battery Operated, Loud Alarm, Nightlight Function (Yellow) S10125VIEW DETAILS

Slash 3" Vintage Retro Old Fashioned Quiet Non-ticking Sweep Second Hand, Quartz Analog Twin Bell Clock, Battery Operated, Loud Alarm, Nightlight Function (Yellow) S10125

Product Features: Quiet, non- ticking, to ensure a good sleeping or working environment Super loud alarm sound for...

AcuRite 15607 Vintage Alarm Clock, Black NickelVIEW DETAILS

AcuRite 15607 Vintage Alarm Clock, Black Nickel

The Accurate Vintage Alarm Clock is an antique-styled timepiece with a wind-up mechanical timekeeping movement. Alarm...


Vintage travel alarm clock

February 15, 2018

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What is the best vintage travel alarm clocks?

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The company describes the new frap as a “layered beverage” that contains marshmallow-infused whipped cream, milk chocolate sauce, graham flavoring, coffee, milk and ice, and topped with marshmallow whipped cream and a graham cracker crumble. Speaking of Starbucks: If you’ve ever had your name mangled when you’re called up to the counter for the beverage you ordered, you can have a little fun with the online “What’s My Starbucks Name. When you type your name into the “Can I get a name for your order. ” box, the generator assigns a similar, but so-wrong, name for you that might be called out in a noisy coffee shop. If you downloaded Auntie Anne’s “Pretzel Perks” app by Thursday , you may already be taking advantage of your weekend free pretzel. But only if you downloaded it. If you didn't, but still want a twisted treat, you can get a free soft pretzel at any Philly Pretzel Factory location on Sunday, National Pretzel Day. In addition, according to a news release from the company , the first 100 customers in line at each store will get a coupon for a free pretzel every day during the month of May. The pretzel chain’s Lancaster County store is at 1006 Lititz Pike, Lititz. On Wednesday, the Food Network announced more than 20 new shows – some of them new versions of popular existing programs – that will premiere or go into development over the next few months.

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After the apocalypse, your big, fancy television will be dead--no power, no TV. So loot the corpse and use its parts to build the original broadcast entertainment: radio. A radio transmitter sends information across a room, or an ocean, by creating a carrier wave of alternating current. Modulating the amplitude, or height, of that wave with an electrical signal (like the one produced by a microphone) encodes sound. Amplitude modulation (AM) was the first radio broadcast method and is still in wide use. To pick up radio waves, I needed a receiver to isolate the signal representing audio. First, the radio required an antenna--the larger, the better--so I harvested wire from the TV and ran it up two flights of stairs, out the window, and down the side of the building. Next, I built a tuned circuit to match the frequency of the carrier wave from any given station. By changing contact points, I could change the length of the coil until I matched the desired frequency. The circuit then needed a diode--I found a germanium one in the TV’s circuit boards. Since the radio pulled electricity entirely from the radio waves, it didn’t have enough power for normal headphones. A buzzer from a broken alarm clock did the trick, and I didn’t mind the tinny sound.


Baakyeek Vintage 4" Large Twin Bell Alarm Clock (Black) Review

Corneliamn 08.28.14

Baakyeek Vintage 4" Large Twin Bell Alarm Clock (Black) Review Baakyeek Vintage 4" Large Twin Bell Alarm Clock (Black) Easy-to-read analog displayWith Night light bottomStainless metalVintageTable


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