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Hermle Classic Wall Clock with 8-Day Weight-Driven 1/2 Hour Bell Strike-60991-000261VIEW DETAILS

Hermle Classic Wall Clock with 8-Day Weight-Driven 1/2 Hour Bell Strike-60991-000261

Brass wall clock with brass lyra pendulum. 8-day weight-driven 1/2 hour bell strike movement on polished brass bell....

Alexander Taron Home Seasonal Décorative Accessories Engstler Weight-driven Cuckoo Clock - Full Size - 14H x 9.5W x 6DVIEW DETAILS

Alexander Taron Home Seasonal Décorative Accessories Engstler Weight-driven Cuckoo Clock - Full Size - 14"H x 9.5"W x 6"D

Black Forest cuckoo clock made in Germany - 1-day weight driven movement- cuckoos and gongs once on each half hour...

Sternreiter - German Hand Carved Cuckoo Clock with Eight-day MovementVIEW DETAILS

Sternreiter - German Hand Carved Cuckoo Clock with Eight-day Movement

Eight-Day Carved Cuckoo Clock This cuckoo clock features: Hand-carved solid Linden wood case. Grape leaves, Maple...

Howard Miller 645-674 Soloman Table ClockVIEW DETAILS

Howard Miller 645-674 Soloman Table Clock

The Soloman Table Clock by Howard Miller is a pivoting round brushed brass-finished case that sits on satin...

Hermle PATTERSON Mechanical Table Clock #23015740721, BlackVIEW DETAILS

Hermle PATTERSON Mechanical Table Clock #23015740721, Black

Dimensions: 7 1/2 x 4 1/4 x 3 1/4 in. Black, Modern Design Table Clock with a Wooden Case. Mechanical 14-day Skeleton...

Hermle Chatham Regulator Wall Clock with Westminster or Bim Bam Chimes in Antique Walnut Finish Model # 70802N92214VIEW DETAILS

Hermle Chatham Regulator Wall Clock with Westminster or Bim Bam Chimes in Antique Walnut Finish Model # 70802N92214

Hermle Chatham Regulator Wall Clock 70802N92214 with Westminster or Bim Bam Chimes is an elegant flat top regulator...

Hermle Modern Wall Clocks 30466-002100VIEW DETAILS

Hermle Modern Wall Clocks 30466-002100

Stainless steel with convex mineral front glass and quartz movement. Made in Germany. Dimensions: Dia 11-7/8" x D 1-5/8"

Hermle Hamburg 70332000711 ClockVIEW DETAILS

Hermle Hamburg 70332000711 Clock

Gold tone and brass metal wall clock with a mechanical 8-day chain driven skeleton movement with passing bell strike...

Elgood 14-inch Ultra-Thin Non-Ticking Mute Digital Wall Clock(Silver)VIEW DETAILS

Elgood 14-inch Ultra-Thin Non-Ticking Mute Digital Wall Clock(Silver)

14 Inch ultra-thin silent wall clock, with shell made of high quality resin and aluminum clock face, very clear and...


weight driven pendulum wall clock

December 4, 2018

Legacy clock with modifications of appearance related items.

What is the best weight driven wall clocks?

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E. Howard & Company No. 47 wall-hanging astronomical regulator soars to a record $356,950 at auction

Howard & Company No. 47 wall-hanging astronomical regulator clock – one of only three examples known ... a quality brass 8-day weight-driven time-only movement with pyramid plates, and deadbeat escapement. A Seth Thomas No. 8 office calendar clock ...

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Horology Auction Earns Nearly $1.1 Million

Howard & Company examples, were all the rage. The star was a 58" E. Howard & Co. No. 6 Regulator figure-eight wall clock from about 1884, with an eight-day time-only weight-driven movement. The walnut case retained the original finish; the paint on the ...

www.maineantiquedigest.com October 24, 2014

Uji wall clock moves its hands

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Rotating marble machine - Weight-driven kinetic sculpture

Turnvater Janosch 04.04.14

First prototype of a new marble machine mechanism. The entire marble run (12x12cm) rotates to keep the marble moving. Once again, driven by a sinking weight.


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