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Westclox 36014 Color Panel Round Quartz Wall Clock, 18.5-InchVIEW DETAILS

Westclox 36014 Color Panel Round Quartz Wall Clock, 18.5-Inch

This plastic frame wall clock measures 18.5 Inch (47cm) round in diameter. What makes this clock pop and like no...

Westclox 18.50 Color Panel Wall ClockVIEW DETAILS

Westclox 18.50" Color Panel Wall Clock

Color Panel Wall Clock is very practic


I-Home Clock Radio Fading Digits

February 19, 2018

This seems to be an issue with every one of these I have seen, their display panels start to fail making parts of the display fade or go out completely. This video is tearing one down to see...

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ICP DAS USA Introduces New PoE Touchpad M and H Series HMI Controller

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Clocks 'SPEAK' to each other: The mystery of how pendulum clocks self-synchronise their ticks is solved after 350 years

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Atomic Wall Clock Color Hidden Camera: Nanny Cam Review

Tech 07.20.15

Atomic Wall Clock Color Hidden Camera: Nanny Cam Review