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Asheville music club scene this week

Pisgah Brewing: The Alarm Clock Conspiracy. Purple Onion: The Altamont Brewing: Old time jam with Banjo Mitch and John Boy, 1042 Haywood Road, Asheville, 828-575-2400. Black Mountain Odditorium: King Parrot, Child Bite (metal). Olive or Twist: ... July 17, 2015

The Agency

Behind the glass doors, a pair of metal turnstiles stand guard at the top of a short flight of stairs in the lobby. At 9 o'clock on this Friday night in April, except for the stairwell and the lobby, the building was entirely dark. This puzzled my ... June 3, 2015

A Mechanical Alarm Watch That Every President Owns

Forget about figuring out how to set the alarm on your new Apple Watch. The Vulcain Cricket can wake you up in the morning and you don't even have to plug it in at night. An alarm watch is exactly what it sounds like: In addition to keeping the time ... May 6, 2015

Will the Apple Watch Eclipse the Classic Swiss Watch?

But perhaps most important is that, while entry-level Apple Watches start at $349 and go up to $1,099, with an array of bands that range from sporty rubber to steel links, the company is offering a provocatively high-end version called the Edition ... April 16, 2015

Keys to the Castle: A stay with the British Landmark Trust

What we did, after we divided up the quartet of bedrooms (two with en suite bathrooms), was explore all four stories, running up and down the twisting stone staircase to the fully equipped kitchen, a baroque ballroom, a living room dressed up with ... June 20, 2015

Broaden your arts palate with these 7 things

Foot-tapping rhythms support a Celtic folk style tinged with pop and country for a polished, well-balanced sound. The smoothness and Picture percussion, radios, turntables, alarm clocks, bells and scrap metal all lying at your feet. Now meet Tim ... June 11, 2015

48 Years Ago: The Beatles Release 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band'

Note that “Beatles” is spelled out in funerary flowers in the photograph and “Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band” appears on the bass drum — the new band is saying so long to the old band. Bonus fact: The . At the end of the “empty” section ... June 1, 2015

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Works by Calder, Picasso, Stephen Scott Young will headline Cottone's Sept. 25-26 auction

In addition to American and European paintings, the auction will also feature fine antique clocks ... Asa Munger “stovepipe” shelf clock (Auburn, N.Y.), with a grained mahogany case and painted, tapered stovepipe metal pillars, gold leafed and ... August 6, 2015

Electrohome’s Retro Clock Radio ensures your nightstand does not look bare

The name of this particular device says it all – this is an alarm clock, no doubt about it, and it comes in a design that harks back to far simpler days. The circular, vintage design will ... and stumbling while you look for a light switch in the dark. August 5, 2015

This retro alarm clock looks old-school but it’s actually digital and feature-packed

Enter Canadian company Electrohome’s Retro Clock Radio, a bedside clock that retains the vintage design of alarm clocks past but packs a ... the Retro Clock Radio might be worth a serious look. August 4, 2015

For what it's worth, HAHS plans antique appraisal fair Aug. 5

HOLMEN — Anyone wondering whether a cherished family heirloom has more than sentimental value can find out Wednesday at the Holmen Area Historical Society’s Antique Appraisal ... brass, pot metal, silver and silver plate; clocks; costume jewelry ... August 3, 2015

Invoke that old time feel

Using clocks in your home for décor purposes is an art; it needs a sense of style. There are a variety of wall clocks available in the market today. Not only are modern designer clocks in style but the vintage ... glass, metal or plastic; they may have ... August 2, 2015

A Clock Restorer Makes Time for Solitude

As Turkey’s only recognized antique clock restorers they ... Ms. Gurbuz worked on a French bracket clock needing a new pendulum and new hands to replace lost originals. Hand-making the missing pieces in metal, she said it would take another 15 or so ... September 2, 2014

Adeco Vintage-Inspired Red-Brown Iron Table Top Alarm Clock

This sweet antique-style clock is fashioned to look like a vintage alarm clock. Brown roman numerals surround a faded image of the Eiffel tower on a "rusting" background. The faux twin bell detail and shaped feet makesThis quaint clock the perfect accent ... December 10, 2013


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