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Vintage Pocket Watch Alarm

March 15, 2020

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This beautiful antique-inspired wall clock has a unique curved rectangular shape and a pocket watch winding crown (fob) detail. The white background is strikingly offset by stylized black numbers with "Bonbons Fins La Parisienne" written behind.This clock ... December 10, 2013

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Pocket Watch Alarm Clock

This alarm clock by Newgate was inspired by the pocket watches of the 19th Century. Unlike the pocket watches of old, you don’t need to wind this one up, as it runs on one LR44 battery instead, which is probably a little more convenient for the modern ... February 16, 2009

Mondaine Travel Pocket Alarm Watch

the Mondaine Travel Pocket Alarm Watch will even get you up in the morning. This isn't the first Mondaine we've featured here, regular readers will already know that this is modelled on the Swiss Railway Station Clock, first designed back in the 1940s by ... November 2, 2008


Vintage Antique old Working Mechanical German "JUNGHANS" Alarm Clock, 1930-1940

Keaton Birt 05.26.15

Vintage Antique old Working Mechanical German "JUNGHANS" Alarm Clock, 1930-1940