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Cannabis, Breasts and Fuzzy Leggings Fill Gathering of the Juggalos Day 2

If the sun was acting as my alarm clock, then the snooze setting was buried deep within my tummy. During our travels, I hadn't eaten much that wasn't Little Debbie or other gas station junk food. My stomach told me quickly that I needed to go out and ... July 24, 2015

11 Remarkable Holiday Gifts Literally Made From Detroit's Trash And Abandoned ...

The wood, often a century old, gives the instruments a distinctive sound you won't hear in contemporary guitars, founder (and musician) Mark Wallace says. (A similar idea is being used by longtime custom instrument craftsman Gary Zimnicki, who has ... December 12, 2014

Homeless Kids' Letters To Santa Remind Us Not Everyone Will Have A Happy ...

I am 7 years old. I am in the 2nd grade. My favorite colors are pink and black. For Christmas, I would like a doll house. I would like a cooking set up, baby dolls, and a toy puppy. I would also like dresses for my dolls. Thank you so much Santa. From ... December 15, 2014

Fighting Isis: David Cameron should not delude himself about the limits of ...

That would normally elicit shrill expressions of alarm from defence circles about Britain becoming militarily overextended and about the risk of “our boys” paying a price for ministers' grandiose plans, but this time those voices are likely to remain ... July 12, 2015

It's not just what neighbours do that makes them lovely or awful - it's what ...

I wanted old farts everywhere to be simperingly furious about 3am gentleman callers chucking pebbles at my window, Kiss FM blaring at a nosebleed level, alarm clocks put on "snooze" 17 times through paper-thin walls, missed bin days, and "gardens" that ... July 24, 2015

General Election 2015: What if Cameron were to end up in debt to the SNP?

Most voters do not watch politics around the clock. They are dependent still on the mediators, many of whom seek to alarm them by raising fears that are the opposite of the truth. This zeal of the brainwashers is dangerous as well as disturbing.... May 5, 2015

After Savile, we must devote our energies to stopping child abuse taking place ...

No one with the power to do anything wanted to be responsible for sounding an alarm that might lead the source of cash and fame to run dry. The second . But how edifying, and how useful, is it really to see 70 and 80 year-old men go to prison? The ... February 27, 2015