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Windup alarm clock (Equity type)

March 12, 2020

A clock I got at Menards.

What is the best equity wind up alarm clocks?

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REI Nightlight Clock

by DIZZYWORMfromPoor Quality Clock I have had this travel alarm clock less than a year. The clear plastic "kickstand / cover " broke off when dropped from the bedside table. The legends on the side are nearly worn off.

www.rei.com January 5, 2015

Combat Daylight Savings This Weekend With Some 'Unique' Alarm Clocks

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Geneva Clock Company Advance 2058AT Wind-up Alarm Clock Review

Catarinaea 08.20.14

Geneva Clock Company Advance 2058AT Wind-up Alarm Clock Reviewhttp://tinyurl.com/oz4posf Geneva Clock Company Advance 2058AT Wind-up Alarm Clock Analog Wind-Up Alarm ClockLasts 36 Hours Between WindsNo Batteries or Electricity RequiredApproximate Dimensions 4"L x 3" W x 4" HOne Year Manufacturers Warranty