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East side home as beautiful as its gardens

At the front of the house is a stone wall, a raised bed surrounded by a walkway, garden art, giant pale pink and Chinese red poppies, a Japanese maple and a mulberry tree that's over 100 years old. Peonies, a lilac bush, Their three-bedroom, 1½ ... June 25, 2015

11 Remarkable Holiday Gifts Literally Made From Detroit's Trash And Abandoned ...

Some people look at the thousands of abandoned, crumbling homes in Detroit and see ruin and despair. Others see an opportunity. Most Detroiters are creative by necessity, finding ways to spark big ideas with little fuel. The artisans below have taken ... December 12, 2014

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Work by Annie Tiberio Cameron, Jean Kigel and Diana Gay; plus other wildlife art including new wall mural, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays, art gallery of Maine Coastal Islands National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center, 9 Water St. Through July 31. Work ... June 11, 2015

Mariners remain unbeaten with home victory over Gardiner

Tidepieces Original Tide Clocks at Beyond the Sea. By Beyond the . Welcome to The Wakeag Haven Estate. Exquisite Enjoy cooking in the kitchen which features double wall . New bath, hardwood flooring, windows, & kitchen w/quartz counters ... May 8, 2015

Birthday bash: US National Toboggan Championships embrace racing, winter spirit

Photo by: Beth A. Birmingham Members of two-person team Spudrunner 2 ask for guidance prior to their winning run Feb. 8 at the 25th annual US National Toboggan Championships at the Camden Snow Bowl. Their two-run times on the frigid, snowy day ... February 10, 2015

I Am No Longer a People Pleaser at Christmas

In the four years that have passed since our inaugural Christmas Open House we have had lots of family and friends come over and some very close ones that haven't been able to do so. Both my husband and I have heard grumblings, some quiet, some loud ... December 24, 2014

I hope that the Apple watch is more than a dumb terminal

I'm a big fan of wearable computing and was thrilled to see today's news from The New York Times and Wall Street Journal that Apple is working on a iOS-based wristwatch. According to Nick Bilton in the NYT Bits blog Apple is experimenting with ... February 12, 2013

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13 ways to update your bathroom

I visited the home of a woman the other day who, when she showed me the bathroom she wanted ... you’ll need to seal it; quartz; tile; or a good-quality laminate. • Once you replace the vanity top, you’ll want a new sink that looks just as new and ... July 29, 2015

Wall clock

Does anyone know where I can source a large wall clock?I'm envisaging one with a 3' or so diameter and with a rustic flavour, maybe in iron and reclaimed wood. It's to feature on the wall to the left of the fireplace of the lakeside cottage my husband and ... July 20, 2015

Bathroom wall tile

My contractor will begin installing my bathroom wall tile tomorrow and I still haven't made my final decision on pattern ... The vanity counter will be quartz. I'm going for a spa-like feel that's modern but warm. July 5, 2015

Your Whole Wall is a Clock

A clock that’s the size of your whole wall? No longer do you need to live in a bell tower to make this dream come true. No gargoyle dreams for you, buddy, no! All’s you need is the “Shadow Clock”, designed ... bulb and a quartz clock movement ... July 4, 2010