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Virginia basketball's perfect situation: undefeated and under the radar

The students in orange wigs jumping and cheering as the shot clock winds down do not looked bored. The players playing defense don't either. "If anything, it makes us a little hungrier to know (other schools) maybe looked past some of the players on ... January 30, 2015

Red and yellow stripy pepper created by Asda to get kids to eat vegetables

As the parents of any fussy eaters know, sometimes it can be a real struggle to get children to eat their vegetables. But that everyday battle could soon be over - as scientists have developed the word's first striped pepper. The eye-catching vegetable ... June 7, 2015

Revisiting the Show That Launched Alexander McQueen's Career

A look from the Alexander McQueen spring 2015 collection. (Photo: Neville Marriner/Associated News/Rex USA.) Photo: Neville Marriner/Associated News/Rex USA. There's a new theme every day on It's Vintage. Read more articles on today's topic: ... March 1, 2015

Tubular Bells' Mike Oldfield's son Dougal dies suddenly at the age of 33

Tubular Bells composer Mike Oldfield is today mourning the sudden death of his eldest son Dougal. The 33-year-old collapsed and died of natural causes while at work on Sunday as an editing assistant at a film production company in Soho, central London.... May 21, 2015

Beyonce and Blue Ivy mark Mother's Day with childhood photos

Double trouble: Jennifer Lopez, middle, shared this picture with her twins Max and Throwback: Saved by the Bell actress Tiffani Thiessen, who is now pregnant with her .. Michelle Rodriguez ditches her tomboy style for a glam silver mini dress as ... May 11, 2015

Walking the Tornado Line

Presently Taco Ball, a Chihuahua, Tinker Bell, a black lab, and Sweetie and Penny, a pair of spotted beagles, are at his feet noisily chomping kibbles. . A kid with curly orange hair lets me in and says he can show me where the tornado began ... March 3, 2015

Réka Kaponay left behind her ordinary life to go on trip around the world

Réka's journey began in 2012 with her twin brother Lalika and parents George and Bobi, as they set off for what they initially thought was a short trip to the US. But the Kaponay family, currently based in Spain, have not returned to Australia since ... June 2, 2015

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Combat Daylight Savings This Weekend With Some 'Unique' Alarm Clocks

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Bear and the hare ad sends alarm clock sales soaring at John Lewis

A spokeswoman for the shop said sales of twin-bell alarm clocks rose 55 per cent on the previous week after John Lewis released its Christmas ad, called '"the bear and the hare", on TV on 9 November 2013. The ad – set to Lilly Allen's cover of Keane’s ... January 17, 2014

Adeco Vintage-Inspired Red-Brown Iron Table Top Alarm Clock

... sweet antique-style clock is fashioned to look like a vintage alarm clock. Brown roman numerals surround a faded image of the Eiffel tower on a "rusting" background. The faux twin bell detail and shaped feet makesThis quaint clock the perfect accent ... December 10, 2013

Adeco Vintage-Inspired Brown Iron Table Top Alarm Clock "Champs Elysees"

... antique-style clock is fashioned to look like a vintage alarm clock. White roman numerals on a black background surround the words "Champs Elysees" below a scroll detail. The faux twin bell detail and shaped feet makesThis quaint clock the perfect ... December 10, 2013

Ron's free-throw hitch returning, Phil failing as alarm clock and DJ exposing bald spot

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Here's the timeline from my Twitter account during the Lakers-Thunder game Friday. It's in reverse order, so if you want to relive the game, start at the bottom. Please. This was OKC's Super Bowl. RT @TonyFisch: @KevinDing what's earliest ... August 21, 2013

Sony updates it Dash line of WiFi enabled alarm clocks

Sony today introduced updated models of its Dash Alarm clock radio, the Sony HID-B70 and HID-B7 ... transport and comes in a choice of colors including brown, slate blue and orange. Both units are set to arrive in stores in October. Discuss the Sony ... September 13, 2011

A Tale of Two Alarm Clocks: One to Use, One to Lose

That is when I figured out that Alarm Clock had a split personality. It took me a while to sort through the chaos. It turns out that the Alarm Clock applet version 0.3.1, aka the "Get Up in the Morning" version, had superior traits over its twin character. March 23, 2011


Baakyeek Vintage 4" Large Twin Bell Alarm Clock (Black) Review

Corneliamn 08.28.14

Baakyeek Vintage 4" Large Twin Bell Alarm Clock (Black) Review Baakyeek Vintage 4" Large Twin Bell Alarm Clock (Black) Easy-to-read analog displayWith Night light bottomStainless metalVintageTable