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The Road to Heaven: Val Brelinski's The Girl Who Slept with God

Raise your hand if you've ever thought that no family could possibly be stranger than yours. If asked the same question, Jory Quanbeck, the heroine of Val Brelinski's sparkling debut novel, The Girl Who Slept with God, would undoubtedly raise both hands....

www.everydayebook.com August 4, 2015

Q&A: Tony Kanaan on overcoming a family loss, becoming a champion

Six o'clock, I would put it back down. "I didn't speak the And you almost hit the wall." Q: Favorite track you've driven? TK: "Obviously, I'm going to have to pick the Indy 500, just because of the history of the race. But for a street course, I ...

www.indystar.com April 16, 2015

Tour the Welch home near Eastwood

An elaborate chandelier with a medallion illuminates the oval cherry dining table surrounded by accent chairs. Ornate mirrors flank the built-in lighted curio that A large wall clock adds a touch of whimsy. Bob creatively added a turret as a cozy ...

www.courier-journal.com March 5, 2015

HuffPost's Office Makeover Is The Ultimate White Box Challenge

Interior designers have the ability to find hidden potential in places that the untrained eye might overlook. We put that notion to the test when we asked three designers to reimagine HuffPost's meeting rooms. The potential of our five small spaces was ...

www.huffingtonpost.com March 6, 2015

Running The Great Race in a '36 Packard

At least racers are allowed to add an analog speedometer and clock to account for the terribly inaccurate ones in cars that old. You can also have a stopwatch, but no GPS or even paper maps. The only occupants of each car are a driver and a navigator ...

www.theunion.com May 30, 2015

Ron Cherry: Bringing the past to present with a '31 Chrysler

He's tried to find out if his car had dual horns in the front, a banjo-type steering wheel and the wind-up clock in the rear view mirror, but has found little information on the Internet or in any of his books. A Model A would have been much easier ...

www.theunion.com May 9, 2015

The pale blue dot

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www.boulderweekly.com April 30, 2015

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Luminous Dial Clocks Suppliers

quartz & electric battery operated, curved glass crystal, plastic or metal case, speaker baffle mounting, standalone or midnight reset, beige or black case color, 12/24 hour format, AA batteries & 10 year real time lithium battery back-up. Digital clocks ...

www.thomasnet.com June 15, 2015

Cucuradio Orange Wall Clock

Simple shape with iconic graphic, a radio in the '60s-style dress the cuckoo clock designed by Francesca Macchi ... of wood with the bird positioned in the lower center part. Battery quartz movement. The Cuckoo strike is switched off automatically during ...

www.houzz.com June 14, 2015

Distressed Navy Blue and Brown Beauty of the Sea Beach Wall Clock 24 I

and beige tones and subtle images of coral, shells, and a starfish. It measures 24 inches in diameter and has large, easy-to-read Roman numerals and hands to mark the time. The clock contains a quartz movement and runs on a AA battery (not included).

www.houzz.com September 7, 2010