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New businesses help Dartmouth's Padanaram Village 'turn a corner'

The owner of the Village Merchant, James Barrington said he saw an opportunity when former gift shop The Packet closed at 354 Elm St. He bought it in November to open an antique and consignment shop now packed with vintage clothes, jewelry, clocks and ... July 10, 2015

Hanoi Takes Resistance to Beijing Underwater

Vietnam's largest-ever arms purchase is a multibillion-dollar deal for six Russian submarines. The third arrived a few weeks ago, according to Vietnamese press reports. Superstealthy, the Kilo-class vessels are known in U.S. naval circles as “black ... March 31, 2015

A cradle of slavery and black resistance on the banks of the York

Just up the hill from the docks where thousands of souls were sold into servitude during the early 1700s, however, the descendants of those slaves gathered in droves during the Civil War, forming a pioneering black settlement and even taking up arms ... February 20, 2015

sailors recount dramatic sea rescue

"I spoke to Taupo Maritime Radio, told them our position and arranged to check in every thirty minutes," says Costello. But then ten minutes would pass and you'd look back and it would already be five o'clock." When the "They were doing some ... May 27, 2015

Sikuliaq Tour Reveals Details

Captain Hoshlyk mentions that Sikuliaq has hardened propellers, the better to chew ice when maneuvering astern. Nothing in the bridge looks traditionally nautical. Except for some paper charts to supplement electronic charts and some overhead grab bars ... March 11, 2015

Into the Black

He does not look at the clock but he knows the time. He cannot see their faces but he Maritime New Zealand safety inspector Gary Levy was on his way to audit a nearby vessel at Fisherman's Wharf when, just after lunch, he stopped by to inspect the ... September 19, 2014

Adventure Under Ice

Whitcomb and his post-doctoral student Christopher McFarland's technical efforts on this expedition focused on the development of NUI's novel navigation, control, and acoustic telemetry systems, which were first prototyped on the Homewood Campus with ... April 9, 2015

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New businesses boost Dartmouth's Padanaram Village

clocks and knick-knacks. A collector all his life, Barrington excitedly pointed out some of his more unique items — an antique iron traffic light that works, blue porcelain Massachusetts license plates, a wooden airplane propeller blade, a copper washing ... July 10, 2015

Brass Propeller Quartz Clock

The brass propeller quartz clock measures 9"Dia x 2.5"D. This quartz clock comes in a solid brass tarnish proof case with beveled glass. It will add a definite nautical touch to whatever room it is placed in and is a must have for those who appreciate high ... December 10, 2013


Creepy - a man turning his arm like a propeller

JUST VIDEO 05.31.15

Creepy - a man turning his arm like a propeller