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Wake Up Your Senses With This Olfactory Alarm Clock

Even if this wacky gadget doesn't rouse you from slumber, it might still be nice to set your trusty alarm and wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee—even if you grab yours from the bodega down the block. Alarm clock, 109€ (around $119) for ...

www.citylab.com June 16, 2015

Track your sleep, steps and shots

This wonderful and slightly wacky gadget won't make you into a Wimbledon champ but will bring a new level of analytics to your game. Sony has worked with tennis brands to ensure the sensor ring will screw on to the bottom of most racquets. After ...

www.news.com.au June 23, 2015

12 Hacks For The Best Sleep Ever

When it comes to setting ourselves up for a night of quality sleep, we often focus our energy on creating the optimal bedtime routine or keeping consistent drift-off and wake-up times. And while these two considerations are important, they leave out ...

www.huffingtonpost.com May 15, 2015

This Smart Alarm Clock Could Be Your Favorite Creeper

Alarm clocks: There have been hundreds of permutations on the design — even ones seemingly designed to irritate the shit out of you first thing in the morning. Yet one feature appears to have eluded us: the ability to wake one person up without waking ...

www.ozy.com June 3, 2015

This alarm clock showers you with targeted beams of light and sound

If the Wak? works as well as its makers claim (and the manufacturer makes some tall claims) many sleep-deprived couples could soon be waking up to domestic felicity and enhanced professional productivity. The wall-mounted “personal sunrise” alarm uses ...

www.techhive.com April 8, 2015

9 ways to fall asleep faster

Need suggestions? We've got our iTunes stocked with wacky wind chimes from Dreaming with Jeff, produced by actor Jeff Bridges, and iSleep Easy, an app with a variety of guided meditations. 7. Get out of bed. You could be waking yourself up even ...

www.cnn.com April 22, 2015

This alarm clock wakes you up with the smell of cash

SensorWake is a new alarm clock which wakes you up with familiar scents that are delicious, delightful and motivating. There's the "Continental breakfast," which smells like an espresso and hot croissant, the "Candy Rush" (peach and strawberry ...

www.wfmz.com May 29, 2015

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MFA, United Media sign license agreement for Peanuts clocks

In addition, Peanuts Alarm Clocks will become a part of our widely popular Wacky Waker product line with its nostalgic shape, easy-to-read numbers and fun sounds. The line of Peanuts Sound Clocks is scheduled for distribution in April 2010 and will be ...

www.kidstodayonline.com November 30, 2009


Crazy man needs 5 clock alarms to wake up!

SimplyJustRandomness 06.16.15

Crazy man needs 5 clock alarms to wake up!