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Westclox BIG BEN Alarm Clock

April 16, 2018

What is the best antique big ben alarm clock?

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Written by Ashraf Wahab

Everyone has pretty much come to terms with the fact that we now live in a digital world, and it is inevitable that the human race are being fully-reliant with gadgets and gizmos in their everyday lives. But the passing of times really sinks in when ... March 31, 2015

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A Look at the Redesigned Cooper Hewitt

“Beautiful Users,” a temporary exhibition dedicated to the industrial designer Henry Dreyfuss, the man behind the Westclox Big Ben alarm clock and the Princess phone, included a tall screen meant to illustrate some of the ideas behind ergonomics. You ... December 11, 2014


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to seek elegance rather than luxury, and refinement rather than fashion. to bear all cheerfully, do all bravely, await occasions, hurry never. In a word, to let the spiritual, unbidden and unconscious, grow up through the common. This is to be my symphony. " ~William Henry Channing

59. weird, world.

angie b.

” Devorah demanded once the door was securely closed and they were alone. “Your matchbook,” Annie said. “Listen, Devorah, it might not be a good idea to go near the cemetery for a while. “Who are these people. “Because of the Golem,” Charlie said. Devorah laughed. I’m not afraid of it. It would never hurt me—it only hurts goyim, and only when they deserve it. ”. “Because there are some very bad people who are probably interested in the Golem,” Charlie clarified. “And why would that affect me. ”. “Devorah, you’ve been at two places where the Golem’s been. For these people, that’s reason enough to detain you,” Annie said. Who are these people you’re talking about. The sort of people who ignore laws and human rights. The sort of people who drive around with tinted windows and carry guns and have secret prisons. Devorah stared blankly at them. “Devorah, you told Annie that you’d been dreaming of the Golem,” Robbie said suddenly. “In your dreams, do you feel like you’re watching things from your own eyes, or someone else’s.

Hermanos, Hitches, and Heaving Bricks at Bobby McGee


::moan:: Make the alarm clock go away. So I was up to walk the dog, and James was up to pack up the food we were bringing: Mexican corn (it had Rotel in it, and actually turned out to be succotash because James had put beans in it as well) and the Mexican brownies James baked last... I wore my jacket on the walk, but just my pash for the ride, since I knew I wouldn't need it once we finished up. A smallish crowd today, but busy going in and out. Oreta and Phyllis talking about school, everyone complaining about the political ads, and the Butlers joined the "I have been contacted by some idiot who says he's from Microsoft and needs to fix my computer" club. Once you buy Windows they are done with you unless you call them for help. The ironic part is they have figured out the people making these calls are Microsoft employees on their own time, trying to earn extra bucks by convincing you your computer has a virus. Anyway, as you can guess, the theme was Mexican: Ben and Terica brought taco meat (pork and chicken), and there was cheese and other fixings to go into hard taco shells or soft tortillas, refried beans, the corn, plus the usual fruit-and-cheese... I figured we needed the lift on the truck to pick up the chair. The representative said that no, the chair is shipped there and they fit the lift to the chair. First time I've done something like this.

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Mad about the '60s

Some of today's Big Ben alarm clocks evoke the decades even before Mad Men ... he could have found the answer in his ashtray: the Nissan Murano. Old ashtrays are good for holding everything from paperclips to after-diner mints. • Barware. April 10, 2015

Why Are Alarm Clocks Still a Thing?

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For some of us, the old-school landline phone habit dies hard

The old-school landline is becoming obsolete at an accelerating ... modern locomotive for the 20th Century Limited passenger train and the Westclox Big Ben alarm clock, among many other icons. And it works beautifully. I love the heft of its receiver ... April 6, 2015


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Antique 1920s Westclox Big Ben Alarm Clock by madampickay on EtsyVIEW MORE

Antique 1920s Westclox Big Ben Alarm Clock by madampickay on Etsy

Image by

... vintage big ben alarm clock description big ben alarm clock one isVIEW MORE

... vintage big ben alarm clock description big ben alarm clock one is

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Vintage 1930's Westclox Big Ben Alarm Clock by CanemahStudiosVIEW MORE

Vintage 1930's Westclox Big Ben Alarm Clock by CanemahStudios

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Antique Big Ben Loud Alarm Clock by marybethhale on EtsyVIEW MORE

Antique Big Ben Loud Alarm Clock by marybethhale on Etsy

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Antique Vintage Westclox Big Ben Wind Up Alarm Clock Portable Art Deco ...VIEW MORE

Antique Vintage Westclox Big Ben Wind Up Alarm Clock Portable Art Deco ...

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Vintage Big Ben Alarm Clock by havenvintage on Etsy, $38.00 What a ...VIEW MORE

Vintage Big Ben Alarm Clock by havenvintage on Etsy, $38.00 What a ...

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Vintage 1920's Westclox Bingo Nickel Plated Alarm Clock, Working, Big ...VIEW MORE

Vintage 1920's Westclox Bingo Nickel Plated Alarm Clock, Working, Big ...

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Vintage Big Ben Alarm Clock, $39.95 | Faces of Time | PinterestVIEW MORE

Vintage Big Ben Alarm Clock, $39.95 | Faces of Time | Pinterest

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