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Refinishing a Compass Inlay Table Top - Thomas Johnson Antique Furniture Restoration

April 16, 2018

Tom Johnson of Thomas Johnson Antique Furniture Restoration in Gorham, Maine refinishes an antique oak dressing table of the Queen Anne period, with a decorative compass inlay. Keep a lookout...

What is the best antique finish table desk clock?

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Tour Vartan home near Brownsboro Road

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Couple cut commute, create tranquil workspace at home

It's in our bedroom and hangs over an antique desk that was from my grandparents. Q.What are some of your favorite antiques? Julie: In the family room there is a little table, and in my studio I have an old clock, an upright chest and a cedar chest ... April 10, 2015

How the Nation's First ALS Response Vehicle is Being Restored

The vehicle was repainted red and white, and benches and a desk were installed for use as a mobile minority recruiting station. When recruiting personnel were finished with the Heartmobile, the Columbus Fire Honor Guard used it as a transport vehicle ... April 7, 2015

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Eaton sold a butterfly table, circa 1740, with an undisturbed surface, that he said was the best he had owned in over 40 years in business. Todd Prickett of C.L. Prickett, Yardley, Pennsylvania, sold a small four-drawer Philadelphia chest of ... March 13, 2015

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Home Sweet Apartment


They asked me to write a post for their current project, “Starter Stories,” sharing images and thoughts about how I made my first apartment into a little home. For those looking for houses or apartments in New York City , I highly recommend checking out Compass. Previously, I’ve shared how exciting it’s been making the move into a big girl apartment. One of my favorite parts, as I’m sure you can guess, has been working with the given space to create a comfortable, yet functional living environment that suits my personality. For anyone who has ever lived with a roommate, you know that this task can be especially difficult in common areas, such as the kitchen and living room. As you can see, our living room, where many-a-movie marathons and wine nights are held, has a view of Reno’s downtown. One of the reasons I’ve enjoyed moving into my first apartment is its location. Even though I am still a college student, I was ready to shift away from classic college housing, such as dormitories and Greek row.

Nov. 8 to 30, 2014 – Sir Lanka – Capital, Hill Country, Ancient Cities, Tea Plantations, Jungles, Indian Ocean Beaches!!!


After getting freebies (maps, brochures) at airport SL Tourist desk, and SL rupees (115rs =$1cdn) at the ATM, got my first shock of how much more expensive SL is than India, with the 27km taxi ride from airport to Clock Inn (27km). A whopping $52cdn. Its HOT… 36-38c. Clock Inn, a small budget hotel (for SL. ), about $56cdn/night including a very good breakfast. It was conveniently located within reasonable distance amongst the main city sites, ocean front (1 blk away), and coincidently, the India Visa office (the main reason I came to SL was to re-new the Indian visa [hopefully, for another 6 months. Walked 2 blks and down small side street found a tiny shop that does “top-ups” i. e. , adds time to sim cards. So got cell phone and internet device set up for SL. First meal (dinner) meal was down the street, a small, locally run restaurant, pick your food from the dishes displayed and they bring to you at a table in the back. Locals stopped by on their way home from work to pick up take-out, but when they saw me there was dead silence and long awkward stares.

Open House Sundays #4 - Designthusiasm


Welcome to Designthusiasm's Fall House Tour. For fall I've added the spiced potpourri and tiny white pumpkins. You can see more details on this space in my post HOW TO CREATE A WELCOMING FALL ENTRY. Next we move into the family room, which I've set up for an autumn afternoon tea. I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with this room. I really want it to be creams and whites, as with most rooms in my home, but I haven't had the chance to change it over yet. That said, the English library patterns and golden tones work well for fall. The one thing I won't be changing are the hard pieces in the room, which are mostly antiques from England and France. Here I've placed my autumn tea setting. This piece is probably my favorite piece in my home. It's a burled wood server from France and usually holds my tea set, but I've added the cinnamon candle and acorn bits for a fall touch, since the teapot is in use on the other table. In the corner of the room I have a round bistro table that's often used.

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Tour Vartan home near Brownsboro Road

Acrylic and hand-painted chairs surround the custom-built table from the south of France ... Paintings, an ornate mirror and an antique clock from Stockholm line the walls. "Moustier" upholstered walls create a sophisticated backdrop for her paintings ... April 8, 2015

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11 simple buys to revolutionise your home office

We love the copper plated finish. Simply gorgeous ... work well in a kitchen scheme or around a modern dining room table. It's stackable design makes it easy to store, too! Choose a desk with built-in storage and keep every thing associated with your ... April 1, 2015


Bush Furniture Fairview Collection 60 Inch L-Desk, Model WC53930-03, Antique Black with Hansen Cherry Finish

LionelBecraft 03.24.15

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