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April 16, 2018

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What is the best antique table alarm clocks?

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How Ron Fliegelman Became The Weather Underground's Bomb Guru

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story from a while back

(Chris Farrell)

The sky was mostly cloudy lately, and he looked up at it from time to time, when he took the time to open the blinds. The clock was a blue GE model built in a square shape and antique desing. It must have been about twenty years old because he got it from an old pawn shop for five dollars, and the thing was quite dependable, although its clock radio only picked up AM, so he ended up listening to a whole lot of right wing sound... Everything was spread out on his floor, and there was nothing separating his own body from the floor but a mattress. His books were spread out here and there, and clothes were here and there, piled on the dresser, and piled underneath piles of other clothes. The first thing that Joe did every morning, upon coming into his conscious mind, was to take one step over to the wall socket, and plug in the white cord that connected to the lamp on the table, so that he could see what he was doing. Finally he got it turned on, and then turned back to his bed to look for his glasses, which were usually right off the bed by the side but there were a number of different locations where they could be at different.

Show and Tell: See What’s On Our Nightstands

Mallory Ziglar

We thought we would throw back the curtain and give you a little peek inside our homes to get a glimpse of how we HGTV-ify our spaces. Our editors shared a photo of an object in our bedrooms that can tell you a lot about a person: our nightstands. I’m prone to knocking things off my nightstand when I clumsily hit the snooze button each morning, so I keep it simple. I’m very sensitive to light while I’m sleeping, so I always keep the mask handy. You know, the whole matching set – two dressers, nightstand, mirror, headboard. Well, I got half of the pieces up to my tiny loft and all of a sudden it looked like a furniture showroom. The white cube side table is a favorite hand-me-down from my sister. I’m with Shannon in that I like all my odds and ends to have a tidy little home so I needed a place to dump my glasses and watch at the end of the day. The mirrored tray, jewelry box and journal were all gifts and it was a happy accident that the gold accents pair well with the vintage lamp I found at a local antique shop. On my nightstand is: A thrifted cutlery box that I.

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Harshad Kadia 11.03.13

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... Vintage-Metal-Flower-Leaf-Twin-Double-Bell-Desk-Table-Alarm-Clock.jpgVIEW MORE

... Vintage-Metal-Flower-Leaf-Twin-Double-Bell-Desk-Table-Alarm-Clock.jpg

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... Retro Alarm Clock Effect Quartz Mantelpiece Free Standing Table ClocksVIEW MORE

... Retro Alarm Clock Effect Quartz Mantelpiece Free Standing Table Clocks

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... Alarm Clock Large Copper Color- Table clock- desk clock-Retro clockVIEW MORE

... Alarm Clock Large Copper Color- Table clock- desk clock-Retro clock

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Adeco Vintage-Inspired Brown Table Top Alarm Clock Cheval Noir ...VIEW MORE

Adeco Vintage-Inspired Brown Table Top Alarm Clock Cheval Noir ...

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Clock - AlarmVIEW MORE

Clock - Alarm

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Antique clock. Alarm clock. Old metal clock. Mechanical table clock ...VIEW MORE

Antique clock. Alarm clock. Old metal clock. Mechanical table clock ...

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Alarm Clock, Antique German Desk Clock, Retro Clock, Gray Neutral ...VIEW MORE

Alarm Clock, Antique German Desk Clock, Retro Clock, Gray Neutral ...

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