beautiful wood pendulum wall clocks

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17.5 x 11.25 Essex Westminster Chime Faux Wood Pendulum Wall Clock, WalnutVIEW DETAILS

17.5" x 11.25" Essex Westminster Chime Faux Wood Pendulum Wall Clock, Walnut

This classic Essex Pendulum Wall Clock is for any home or office environment. The elegant black metal hands, gold...

Bulova C1517 Saybrook Wall Clock, Brown CherryVIEW DETAILS

Bulova C1517 Saybrook Wall Clock, Brown Cherry

Hardwood case, warm Brown Cherry finish. Classic split Pediment design with full crown returns. Vienna-style metal...

Bulova C4331 Hartwick Chiming Clock, WalnutVIEW DETAILS

Bulova C4331 Hartwick Chiming Clock, Walnut

Hartwick-Solid Wood Case, Old World Walnut Finish. Angled Corners With Fluted Pilasters And Decorative Carved...



Cherry Wood Westminster/Wellington quartz Pendulum wall clock W/Stained Glass

September 13, 2019

Beautiful Cherry Wood Westminster/Wellington Quartz Pendulum wall Clock with thick stained glass. Clock works great. It chimes the Wellington song on the ...

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Using an MCU to Maintain a Wood-Gear Wall Clock's Accuracy

This prompted me to contact Max to chat about his cunning chronograph and to introduce him to my own wooden wall clock. Called Synchronicity, this is a unique exposed wood gear pendulum timepiece that uses a microcontroller to maintain accuracy.... September 18, 2015

Mystery of how pendulum clocks synchronise solved after 350 years

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