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Al Jazeera: a break in wall-to-wall shooting coverage

But also the mess in Syria from British, French and Russian vantage points; impeachment proceedings against the president of Brazil; the widening of the FIFA soccer scandal; awful flooding of a large Indian city that left many stuck on the roofs of ... December 4, 2015

Packing up to preserve a musical treasure

Some of it – including choral music dating back to the first Cincinnati May Festival in 1873 – is being put into a digital database for the very first time. Music librarians are accustomed to working A dumbwaiter in the wall stood ready to ferry ... December 3, 2015

Syn-Apps to Welcome Valcom to Certified Endpoint Program

While we have been partners for many years, Valcom's decision to embrace certified interoperability and testing demonstrates their commitment to serving our joint customers and the notification industry at large. Valcom brings a Valcom's extensive ... December 8, 2015

From sun hats to shoe dryers: gifts for the traveler

National Geographic Atomic Field Watch: This field watch automatically synchronizes to United States, British, German and Japanese atomic clocks — no winding needed. The clever, whimsical and beautiful maps in this large-format volume (Harper ... November 30, 2015

How the world's biggest bookie was snared at last year's WSOP -- and walked a ...

For years, Phua has navigated the globe in an ultra-long-range business jet, its tail designation -- N888XS -- a nod to the Chinese belief in lucky number eight and the overindulgence that often accompanies a gambling windfall. examined thousands ... November 12, 2015

The Doomsday Invention

Although Bostrom did not know it, a growing number of people around the world shared his intuition that technology could cause transformative change, and they were finding one another in an online discussion group administered by an organization in ... November 16, 2015

Why New York Subway Lines Are Missing Countdown Clocks

The best estimates today are that countdown clocks that tell you when the next train is coming will arrive on the so-called B division of the New York subway system in 2020. (The A Some big stations can have as many as a dozen lines connecting ... November 13, 2015

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Newsonomics: Is The Washington Post Really The Newspaper Of Record?

It seemed like a boast out of ancient times, prominently displayed on and given big house promotion play in the digital ... number of staff-written or freelance-commissioned stories than the Times on a weekday basis. The Times clocks ... December 7, 2015

A Berger Bite: Home renovations and improvements

The number of new housing developments ... challenge than synchronizing the time on all the clocks in your kitchen? Stoves, microwaves, coffee makers, and radio/CD player combinations all have a digital clock that never seems to turn from one minute ... December 1, 2015

Ministry of Numbers

One of the first things Aiken did when he took up his role two years ago was to ensure that every government department had a ‘performance hub’: a physical wall of data - printed ... that’s a large number of additional responses.” November 26, 2015

Analog Clocks Suppliers

Distributor of office furniture & supplies including analog clocks. Types include quartz octagon wall clocks, contemporary analog clocks, universal cubicle clocks, corporate wall clocks, auto daylight-saving wall clocks, single sided wall clocks ... November 9, 2015

Shilling for Ahmed: Al Jazeera Refused to Show ‘Clock’ to Viewers

The boy, Ahmed Mohamed, can be seen claiming he invented a clock, when all facts suggest he simply took a digital clock out of its casing and then assembled the parts into a case. Al Jazeera helped to create outrage by telling the story and refusing to ... September 30, 2015

The bongs are wrong: British say London's famous Big Ben clock is running a few seconds slow

LONDON - Don't set your watch by Big Ben. Officials say the famous clock at Britain's Parliament — used by Londoners for decades to check the time — has recently been slow by as much as six seconds. The 156-year-old clock chimes every 15 minutes and ... August 25, 2015

Move it: MLB's innings clocks put spring in steps

Major League Baseball's new initiatives to improve the pace of play are being put into practice for the first time as the first official games on the spring ... countdown clock begins after the third out is made – and is visible in big red numbers ... March 3, 2015

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