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Discover New Zealand Northland on a self-drive tour of the Twin Coast ...

After a brief stopover at the marina for a fish 'n' chips lunch and a tour of Claphams National Clock Museum – home to some of the quirkiest clocks in the world including one that travels backwards or anticlockwise through time – I continue north to ... July 17, 2015

Beyond the Black Forest

lake in the Black Forest, scenic Lake Titisee was carved out by a glacier. Two kms in length and a kilometre wide with a depth of 40 metres, it is ideal for sailing, swimming and boating, as well as cycling, or simply strolling along its promenade ... April 18, 2015

Kovels: Comic hankie goes for super price

Q: I have a smoking cabinet or side table that is 25 inches high, 15 inches wide, and 12½ inches deep. It has two doors . Answer: Marks on Japanese pottery can be found in several colors, including red, green, blue, yellow, brown and black. Q: I ... June 12, 2015

Giant cuckoo clock at PDX welcomes travelers, in a very Portland way (photos ...

advertising campaign at Portland International Airport, December 18, 2014. A 24-foot tall, handcrafted cuckoo clock, recognized as the largest free-standing cuckoo clock in North America, looms over the south atrium between the A, B and C ... December 19, 2014

Secrets and Scandals - Reforming Rhode Island 1986-2006, Chapter 15

Departments along a wide corridor overflowed with bright color. . Gertrude and I followed him into shadows beneath its black framework, where we climbed a steel stairway into bright sunshine and gazed out on a series of interconnected observation ... June 15, 2015

'The Longest Ride' Review: Scott Eastwood's Abs Take Center Stage in Nicholas ...

Manhattan-bound after her graduation from Wake Forest University, she at first ignores Luke's invitations to dinner before eventually succumbing to his charms. On their way home from their date, they spot a car that drove off the road; Luke carries ... April 6, 2015

On The Scene Cruising Europe's Rhine River

In comparison to the big Ocean liners which have you running into hordes of crowds wherever you turn, this Viking Longship has spacious common areas, intimate lounges and wide-open Sun decks where one can enjoy alfresco dining in open space with ... May 7, 2015

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The Latest: Keuchel with clean 1st All-Star inning for AL

8:30 p.m. After Sandy Kofaux threw the ceremonial first pitch off a rubber placed about 45 feet from home plate to Johnny Bench wearing a red and black gloves the two items ... experimenting with a 20-second pitch clock in Double-A and Triple-A. July 12, 2015

The Latest: Warm applause for Rose on field at All-Star Game

San Diego outfielder Justin Upton had a red and black sleeve. Many of the players that have shoe ... MLB has been experimenting with a 20-second pitch clock in Double-A and Triple-A. Manfred says the results are encouraging but bringing the clock to ... July 12, 2015

Cheese & Chocolate, Castles & Culture! How to Find More Fun with Less Fuss in Europe

In storybook-like Breisach, amid the Black Forest, a life-size cuckoo clock dances outside a marketplace filled with these intricately carved timepieces. Also watch glassblowers sculpt delicate art and... ...indulge in world-famous, decadent Black ... July 9, 2015

Southwest Germany tourism officials make push for South Florida travelers

Black Forest Ham and Cuckoo clock. Visitors to the Black Forest can also find unique tourist experiences such as sleeping in a wine barrel or in quaint vacation apartments called cuckoo nests. "It's a diverse state with a lot of different attractions ... July 2, 2015

Going Cuckoo Over Nature's Oddity

That’s the common hawk-cuckoo for you. It though appears like a hawk ... The path we walked on was parallel to a natural and wide stream with tall and large forest trees bearing flowers and fruit. It was then that we heard a high pitched repetitive ... July 1, 2015

Cuckoo for clockwork

Most of the cuckoos Lehn works on are German-made Black Forest cuckoo clocks with movements made by Regula and Hubert Herr. He avoids estimating the monetary value of any cuckoo clock because he says most people value their clocks for personal reasons. June 25, 2015

The Doctor Is In at the Cuckoo Clock Hospital

Today you can likely find him in his own personally designed and constructed workshop, the Cuckoo Clock Hospital ... clock. These metrics and diagnostics allow him to properly adjust the cuckoo. Most of the cuckoos Lehn works on are German-made Black ... June 10, 2015


Schneider Black Forest 27 Inch Musical Railroad House Cuckoo Clock Review

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Schneider Black Forest 27 Inch Musical Railroad House Cuckoo Clock Review