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Braun BNC400 Alarm Clock Lightning Review: How to Ruin Good Design

A dial in the back sets the alarm, in 12-hour intervals. Smashing the top button turns it off. Or you can yell at it, but you need to scream like a banshee or practically swallow the clock for the voice-activated snooze to work. No other features or ... February 8, 2012

Fire consumes Egg Harbor Township home

Bakely said dispatch was at 2:08 p.m. and firefighters were still working on the fire at 4 p.m. By that time, the fire appeared to be under control. Bakely said it was a general alarm fire, meaning all fire companies in Egg Harbor Township responded.... May 20, 2015

Cards' spring schedule looks sound as a Bell

A grid and the clock times of specific workouts always have been a staple of the schedule, but how it told what players to go where has morphed. There was a paint-by-numbers feel We need him to jump in and be more of a voice.” After repeatedly ... February 19, 2015

Going Fishing With The Kid: Ted Williams in the Florida Keys

By 10 o'clock it would be 85°, and Charley Trainor, the photographer, would have his freckles double-coated with a petroleum compound made for World War II aviators marooned at sea. The Kid had bacon—a good two pounds of bacon—bubbling and ... February 12, 2015

'He just goes for it': Winona artist Billy X. Curmano challenges boundaries in ...

They function as artwork, as interruptions in the routine of everyday life, as milestones in Curmano's own creative process, as alarm bells, as ways to cope after the Vietnam War, as hilarious entertainment, as first steps on the road to societal ... February 22, 2015

She asked to leave Ice Bowl early; he married her anyway

And 13 seconds showing on the clock and the Green Bay Packers are going to be World Champions, NFL Champions, for the third straight year!" Moore said. The amazing thing is that Nick Wagner married Nancy anyway. But, she says, he will never really let ... January 10, 2015

Fire heavily damages Team Nissan in Vineland

Pagnini said the fire was upgraded to a second alarm and was declared under control at 6:55 a.m. He said there were no injuries and no one was in the building at the time of the fire. The Vineland Police Department reported via Twitter that Delsea ... November 29, 2014

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Gallery View: GSM alarm systems app-, smart home-compatible

Users can speak and listen to the device, which is capable of voice prompt operations and automatic voice recording. The model is controlled remotely via ... The unit has two sets of alarm clock functions. Ringing features are adjustable. July 30, 2015

Not your best look! The alarm clock that only turns off when you take a SELFIE

Few people want their photo taken just after they have woken up, but with a new alarm clock it is the only way to silence the piercing sound it produces. Snap Me Up allows users to set the time they want to be woken at but rather than allowing them to hit ... May 8, 2015

John Harrison's 'longitude' clock sets new record - 300 years on

They agreed that it was still accurate to within a second of real time, measured by a radio-controlled ... the clock has been part of an official trial to see if it could keep time as well as its inventor, 18th-century clock designer John Harrison, had ... April 18, 2015

Clock ticking on birthplace of Nebraska's Capitol

Shad Kearns is now living in the first house he put an offer on, which sounds like his home-buying experience was pretty easy. Dave Sobotka has deployed a toddler-size, diapered doll on a tricycle in the fight to slow speeders on High Street. Matt ... September 19, 2014

Best alarm clock apps for Android

Even OEMs have managed not to mess up the alarm clock apps that they have packaged with their devices. For most people they are totally acceptable. For this list, we not only show you our picks for the best alarm clocks for Android but we made sure each ... July 24, 2012

App Review: Puzzle Alarm Clock

Some of us need a kick in the pants to get out of bed. If you're looking to wake up to something pleasant, Puzzle Alarm Clock (Android) is all wrong for you. If you'd like to be awoken with puzzles, math, flashing lights and a $1 charge every time you ... April 18, 2014

Possible New Images Of KitKat Surface, Show The New Clock, About Easter Egg, And More

Nostalgic. Now we have the clock. In the above shots, Jelly Bean is on the left, and KitKat on the right. The biggest difference here is the thin clock font – no more bold:normal formatting (thank God). The stopwatch also appears to be centered in the ... October 14, 2013


Moshi Voice-Activated Digital Alarm Clock Review

Marcelenemzc 12.28.14

Moshi Voice-Activated Digital Alarm Clock Review Moshi Voice-Activated Digital Alarm Clock Talking ClockVery Popular!