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Braun BNC014 Atomic Radio Controlled Wall or Desk Alarm Clock in White

April 17, 2018

Reminiscent of 20th century German "no frills" dynamic machinery with laser accuracy is Braun's GLOBAL Radio-Controlled Digital Wall Clock Model BNC014WH-RC with table stand for added versatility....

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Ch2D- The Breakthrough


silently, without a “good night,” he tottered out of the room. He went over into his own room and one could hear how heavily he dropped onto his bed. The other two drank on. It seemed as if Frank Braun were only now beginning, he raised his glass with such pleasant ease. His arm fell, the glass was shattered against the table’s edge. Frank Braun laughed. He got up, took his guitar and stepped to the window. Silently he sat for a long time on the window bench. Almost unconsciously he took up the instrument and touched the strings gently. Tones came, and soft chords. And songs grew anew out of the dreamy notes and out of his voice which trembled gently and heavy-heartedly into the stillness of the night. They were Breton songs, songs born of the sea, born of loneliness and a great longing:. “The cliffs of Paimpol and I,. The old bell tower, my atonement,. I much prefer the cliffs of. Briton waiting for me at home. And somewhere a wall of rock gave back to him a whispered echo:. The words lay in his ear, insistently, with quiet music like the tone of an old music box. Brittany—that was it—Brittany.

Alraune Ch2C- The Alraune


Something fell off the wall, fell on Sophia, hitting the housemaid right on the head. The maid screamed out loud and in her fright dropped the silver tray she had been serving coffee on. “A shame about the beautiful silver service,” said Frau Gontram calmly. Mohnen immediately took a quick look at the crying housemaid, cut a strand of hair away, washed the gaping edges of the wound and stopped the bleeding with a yellow Iron Chloride wad. The Hussar lieutenant stooped, picked up the thing that had caused the damage, raised it high and looked at it from all sides. There were all kinds of remarkable things hanging on the wall. There was a Kaneka Idol, half male and half female, colorfully painted with yellow and red stripes. Two old heavy and deformed riding boots hung there complete with impressive Spanish spurs. On the gray wall was also pressed the Doctorate Diploma of some old Gontram from a Jesuit College in Seville. On the other side was a large heavy Buddhist cross with a rose in the center carved out of green Jade. It was a brown dusty thing made of rock hard wooden root. ” Frau Gontram said. “It’s just as well that it fell on Sophie, she has a hard skull.

10 Clocks: Time Off the Wrist

Zach Weiss

If you like watches, it’s not a stretch to guess that you might like clocks too. I for one love them, and while I haven’t had the time or scratch (well, not what with the watch affliction) to collect many, I do have a few up in my apartment, and a few collecting dust on shelves. It’s something I’d like to put more energy in, with the goal of one day being one of those guy’s with 100+ clocks ticking away in their house (the guy version of a cat lady. Anyway… aside from telling the time, clocks become part of your home decor, so you often find them designed by interesting industrial designers and architects, some who seek function primarily, some with more playful approaches and others who see... The Swiss Railway clock designed in 1940 by Hans Hilfiker is a true icon, living on wrists, in phones, on walls… and in every Swiss Rail station. Alas, Mondaine has yet to make a clock like their Stop2Go watch which simulates the 2 second hang at the end of every minute, but when they do, that’ll be the one to get.


Round Red with White Face Colorful Numbers Wall Clock Review

Cucdm 11.30.14

Round Red with White Face Colorful Numbers Wall Clock Review Round Red with White Face Colorful Numbers Wall Clock plasticColorful Primary Colors Round Red Wall Clock with Red and White Face and SecondhandWhat a great idea for your kitchen or a child's bedroom or gift for preschool, homeschool or grade school teacherAppropriate for both boys and girls - babies to adultsAA Battery operated clock, batteries not includedMeasures 11.5 x 2 inches

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... Home Clocks Braun Wall Clocks 66013 Radio-Controlled Wall Clock WhiteVIEW MORE

... Home Clocks Braun Wall Clocks 66013 Radio-Controlled Wall Clock White

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Braun Clocks Quartz Wall Clock White BNC006WHWH

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Braun White Quiet German Precision Quartz Wall Clock - Overstock ...

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BRAUN / ブラウン「Wall Clock」BNC006 / White - インテリア ...VIEW MORE

BRAUN / ブラウン「Wall Clock」BNC006 / White - インテリア ...

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BRAUN wall clock [White] BNC006WHWH-NRC clock ( clock )VIEW MORE

BRAUN wall clock [White] BNC006WHWH-NRC clock ( clock )

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