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14" Metal Wall Clock Kit for a Modern Look

March 17, 2020

Metal Wall Clock Kit For a Family DIY Project More Information and Selection Available At: LEARN About Our Clock Kits at: ...

What is the best brushed metal large wall clocks?

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Hunt Roche - Great Wakering

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Star Trek Starship Wall Clock: We Need More Time, Captain!

This Star Trek wall clock boldly goes where no clock has gone before. Assuming that spot on your wall has never had a clock, anyway. This brushed metal clock has a dozen vintage Action Fleet Micro Machine starships indicating the hours, with DS9 in the center. November 23, 2014

10" Brushed Stainless Steel Wall Clock Silver

Features Bai's exclusive big-n-bold type font and niteglow designs on both dial and hour/minute hands. Circular-brushed stainless steel bezel, spray-painted hands, glass lens. Requires one AA battery to oeprate. December 10, 2013


Sapphire Sea Ocean Waves - Oversized Large 86 x 32 Nautical Metal Wall Art Decor Set of 9

Eyrarox 07.24.15

Sapphire Sea Ocean Waves - Oversized Large 86 x 32 Nautical Metal Wall Art Decor Set of 9