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Key-wound, Westminster chime movement with chime silence ... Thanks for bringing this to my attention. The clock is in perfect working condition. Antique Ansonia Spring Driven Vintage 1747s Old Style Pendulum Wall Clock Hb 02 Antique Ansonia Spring Driven ... July 12, 2015

Mod Disk 1 Wall Clock

Requires 1 AA battery. 3 in. thick. Ready to hang. Hand crafted and painted. Clock mechanism: Ten years warranty. Made from mixed media and acrylic, medium density fiberboard and metal. Made in USA. 12 in. Dia.Each piece is signed by the artist. December 10, 2013

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A well-wound clock is counting down to Tony time

Joyce believes Abbott's pragmatism, notably opposition to a carbon tax, is the key to his success at strengthening ... Some within his own ranks are Abbott sceptics. But the clock is counting down to Tony time. October 22, 2011

Mantel Chime Table Top Clock

Matching pendulum swings behind glass. Harmonic two triple-chime movement plays westminster. Traditional style. Ave maria or bim-bam melody. Quarter hour westminster chime and strike. Adjustable volume control. Night shut-off available. Made from hardwood. September 7, 2010

It's Time To Celebrate With Sligh's 125th Anniversary Clocks

A single-hinge glass door and glass-frame ends reveal a classic lyre pendulum, powered by a key-wound ... wall clock model 725-1-WI is 44 inches high, 17 inches wide and 8 3/8 inches deep. Estimated retail price: $1,999. 125th anniversary mantel clock ... July 9, 2004


Bulova Collins Majestic Triple Chime Key-Wound mantel clock

Bodaciousjaialai 05.22.15

Bulova Collins Majestic Triple Chime Key-Wound mantel clock