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Show and Tell: Nixie Tube Clock

April 17, 2018

For this week's Show and Tell, Norm shares a recent purchase: a relatively inexpensive Nixie tube clock that makes for a beautiful desk display. This clock makes use of Russian IN-14 cold cathode...

What is the best classic nixie tube clocks?

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MB&F unveils its Nixie machine

Nixie was a once-ubiquitous numerical display built into a “thermionic valve,” what Americans call “vacuum tubes.” It was a time-telling device that post-dates the flip-over numbers on little plastic cards, as in certain alarm clocks and radios, but ... February 4, 2015

Flexible Numitron Tube Clock Build

It's worth mentioning that these are not Nixie tubes, they are vacuum fluorescent displays (VFD)s Numitron tubes. If you already have or plan to acquire some but don't know how to drive them, check out this Numitron tutorial we covered a few years back.... January 15, 2015

MB&F Shows Off Sci-Fi, Steampunk Style Timepieces

One in particular is the Nixie Machine (about $26,000) by German artist Frank Buchwald, who created a sci-fi-looking clock using six luminous Nixie tubes produced in East Germany during the 1960s. When Alberto Schileo, a friend of both MB&F's founder ... March 5, 2015

Tomorrowland today: watch the trailer for George Clooney's sci-fi blockbuster

Given the seemingly endless influx of sequels, remakes, reboots and reimaginings, the prospect of an original blockbuster is quite thrilling. While recent attempts (Jupiter Ascending, Chappie) have been patchy, Brad Bird's latest adventure ... March 10, 2015

Woz Talks Smartwatches, Apple Watch at DEMO

black pants and blue athletic shoes, started his spiel on wearables by showing off a rather clunky looking gadget strapped to his wrist, which turned out to be a notably low-tech "Nixie Watch" made of cathode tubes that glow bright orange to ... November 19, 2014

The Unknown Start-up That Built Google's First Self-Driving Car

Burroughs Corp., for example, got the Nixie tube in 1955 by buying Haydu Brothers Laboratories. And Apple famously acquired a smart new operating system (and “reacquired” Steve Jobs) in 1996, when it bought NeXT Computer. Twitter got a search engine ... November 19, 2014

Collectors Speak: Picks And Pans Of SIHH Week 2015

The appeal of a watch made by hand under the tutelage of Philippe Dufour as part of a project whose goal is to perpetuate classic watchmaking techniques, with the assurance of absolute quality resulting from the Dufour/Greubel/Forsey trifecta, was ... February 16, 2015


Hacklet 37 – Nixie Projects

Adam Fabio

Nixie tubes were created by Haydu Brothers Laboratories, and popularized by Burroughs Corp in 1955. The name comes from NIX I – or “Numeric Indicator eXperimental No. 1″. By the mid 1970’s, seven segment LED’s were becoming popular and low-cost... Nixie tubes were manufactured all the way into the 1990’s. There’s just something about that tube glow that hackers, makers, and humans in general love. This week’s Hacklet highlights the best Nixie (and Nixie inspired) projects on Hackaday. We start with [Sascha Grant] and Nixie Temperature Display. [Sascha] mixed an Arduino, a Dallas DS18B20 Temperature sensor, and three IN-12A Nixie tubes to create a simple three digit temperature display. High voltage duties are handled by a modular HV power supply which bumps 9V up to the required 170V. Controlling the Nixie tubes themselves are the classic K155ID1 BCD to decimal converter chips – a favorite for clock builders. Next up is [Christoph] with Reading Datasheets and Driving Nixie Tubes. Chips like the K155ID1, and the 74141 make driving Nixie tubes easy. They convert Binary Coded Decimal (BCD) to discrete outputs to drive the cathodes of the Nixie. More importantly, the output drivers of this chip are designed to handle the high voltages involved in driving Nixie tubes.

Hourglass Desk Clock tells the time in style


Having a clock or a timepiece is one thing, but being able to have that very timepiece complement the rest of your home’s decoration is another. It will require a mind of art that not too many people possess, and if you would want something that can spruce up your home, then might we suggest the $56 Hourglass Desk Clock. Definitely one of the more unique desk clock designs that we have come across so far, and we do have our fair share of special candidates which we have seen in the past. Your eyes will not miss the hours as well as minutes that are displayed clearly on this particularly unique plastic and metal clock. At the bottom would see the hours being shown off, while minutes and seconds will be displayed on top.


Digital clock Meratronik C553 with NIXIE tube Z566M

Melida Headley 04.10.15

Digital clock Meratronik C553 with NIXIE tube Z566M

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