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Re: Grandfather clock Bim Bam

April 16, 2018

Had to fix the hammers.

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The French Side of Basque Country

It's a tiny land with a population of less than 300,000 (compared with about two million in Basque Spain), and its own defining characteristics and traditions: a history that dates back to pre-Roman times, a distinct architectural style, deep-seated ... June 6, 2015

Walking the Green Line: 48 years of occupation

Balata has a population of more than 40,000, but only one medical center, run by UNRWA (the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees), which operates five days a week until 3 P.M. After 3 o'clock, treatment can be found elsewhere ... June 4, 2015

SI Vault: How Allen Iverson and Larry Brown learned to live together

She couldn't stand still. The white one stood by the wall, unornamented, holding her 92 years and her silence. The door began to open and close. The younger one sang out greetings to the tall men coming out. Both women's eyes stayed fixed on the door.... May 16, 2015

Guest column: Will Curry be like Delaney?

But when I heard him call WJCT's First Coast Connect, it became clear that raw partisan politics had lured him from his UNF chambers to parrot the Republican Party line and lecture Mayor Alvin Brown on how to be mayor. Delaney became . It is ... May 15, 2015

Guest column: Delaney defends his record as mayor

The Times-Union itself largely echoed my observations of Brown's tenure in its own endorsement of Curry: “Brown's weaknesses, finance and management, are Lenny Curry's strengths.” The Editorial Page detailed the same . It is interesting, each time ... May 19, 2015

Georgie Gardner: When The Weekly asks my story, I tell them

Perfectly coiffed, immaculately made-up, a pair of deep brown eyes that don't suffer fools and a delivery whose tone is at once warm and authoritative – she is the unflappable face of the day's unfolding events. Yet there's something about the ... May 19, 2015

Lady Vols fall short of Final Four

SPOKANE, Wash. – Ariel Massengale knelt down and pounded her fist against the hardwood, her Tennessee career now over. Bashaara Graves buried her head in her jersey and sobbed as Maryland halted the Lady Vols' NCAA Tournament run for the ... March 30, 2015


Walking the Green Line: 48 years of occupation - Haaretz

Accompanied by a photographer, filmmaker and a desire to hear the voices that are not normally featured in the media, award-winning novelist Nir Baram journeyed extensively around Israel and the West Bank during the past year. The 10 chapters that constitute “Walking the Green Line” paint a complex political picture, as Baram talks to settlers and kibbutzniks, politicians and activists, ex-prisoners and soldiers, those born after the occupation began and those who... Over the course of the next few months, Haaretz will be publishing all 10 chapters of “Walking the Green Line,” starting with the author's visit to Balata – the refugee camp in the northern West Bank that is home to 30,000 Palestinians. farther off, green hills glisten in the sunlight. Soldiers stand around the boy, weapons drawn. Cars pass by. Not one of them stops. We can’t hear sounds from our car and just stare at the odd picture outside: the youth, the soldiers, no one moving, everything seemingly frozen. We get out of the car and the soldiers charge at us, shouting, “Military zone. ” Over and over we ask why the youth is bound, but the soldiers ignore us. The photographer skirts around them and takes a picture of the youth. The Israeli soldiers scurry after.

SI Vault: How Allen Iverson and Larry Brown learned to live together -

Editor's note: Fourteen years ago today, Allen Iverson was named the NBA's Most Valuable Player, becoming the shortest and lightest recipient of the award in league history. In honor of the anniversary, SI Vault decided to look back at Iverson's MVP campaign in 2001 and his precarious relationship with head coach Larry Brown. Light danced off the diamonds dangling from the black one, and a red rose jiggled in her hand. The white one stood by the wall, unornamented, holding her 92 years and her silence. The younger one sang out greetings to the tall men coming out. One wore the tailored suit, short gray hair and wire-rimmed spectacles of a tenured professor. " cried the younger woman. "That's my boy," the older woman said quietly. " said the younger one. "I'm Ann," said the older one. "I'm Larry Brown's mother. My name's Ann too. " hollered the younger woman. "I'm Allen Iverson's mother. "Oh, I know who Allen is," the elder said. Ann Iverson thrust her rose into the other Ann's hand. Larry's mom gave Allen's mom her phone number at the nursing home and urged her to call. Larry and Allen always did that—walked off, with their histories, in different.

Guest column: Will Curry be like Delaney? - Florida Times-Union

George Wallace from running in 1966, his wife Lurleen said she would run and, if elected, “let George do it. ”. It looks like Lenny Curry may have found his “George. UNF has a conduct code on partisan politics and I have contributed to UNF programs, so I wanted to tell UNF president John Delaney that political operatives had used his signature and picture. But when I heard him call WJCT’s First Coast Connect, it became clear that raw partisan politics had lured him from his UNF chambers to parrot the Republican Party line and lecture Mayor Alvin Brown on how to be mayor. Delaney became mayor two decades ago, and many may know him only as the smiling fundraising face of UNF. But his mayoral mistakes and habit of kicking the can down the road on city finances and operations are public record, so it’s surprising he would put it all back on display by attacking Brown. ■ On city pensions, it was Delaney who bound the city to a 30-agreement recently held illegal for violating the Sunshine Law. Still, he criticizes Brown for taking on the thankless task of cleaning up the pension mess Delaney negotiated. And Delaney promised voters a $190 million Duval County Courthouse project, but he left his successors a project that.

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The Spark

Chairs rested on a deep blue carpet, their dark purple tint blending in with ... As I traced the rim of a black picture frame resting on a little coffee table, displaying a photo of a brown dog sitting rigidly on a cement sidewalk, my dad sighed and ... June 8, 2015

It’s a Girl! Royal Baby No. 2 Has Arrived

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have had their second child. The new princess is fourth in line to the British throne. Jenny Gross reports. May 2, 2015

Grandfather Wants Justice for Dead 7 Month Old

AKA Lisso Jones III, is responsible for the death of Francois. Jones is charged with capital murder. Brown is a retired U.S. Marshal and believes Jones killed Francois by crushing his skull. He read the evidence from the baby's death certificate. "Deep ... February 25, 2014

'Peyton' a popular baby name in East Tennessee

After Peyton Manning and the Broncos secured a trip to the Super Bowl this weekend, 10News decided to reach out to "Peytons" living in East Tennessee. We found countless families with children by that name, and using a variety of spellings. The Clapp ... January 21, 2014

Portsmouth family has ties to first jazz recording from 1917

The Portsmouth High School graduate’s grandfather, Eddie Edwards ... It’s now in the possession of his great-grandson, Nick Sanfilippo of Portsmouth, a jazz musician in his own right. The Berklee College of Music grad plays contemporary jazz piano ... November 7, 2013

Blair Kamin

Blair Kamin has been the Chicago Tribune’s architecture critic since 1992. A graduate of Amherst College and the Yale University School of Architecture, he has also been a fellow at the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard University. The ... October 27, 2011

White recalls deep roots, struggles in Natchez

NATCHEZ — What Thelma White knows about the end of slavery in Natchez she didn’t read in schoolbooks. Stories about her grandfather, who worked as a “kitchen boy” when he was a slave at Dunleith, were passed down to White, 89, from her mother. June 17, 2012


Best Place for Grandfather Clocks

Lula Norman 04.30.15

Best Place for Grandfather Clocks


Maree and the Prince

Partridge Publishing.2014.ISBN: 9781482817133,1482817136.175 pages.

Chandigarh is a city that represents the India born in 1947 after...

House As a Mirror of Self

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House as a Mirror of Self presents an unprecedented examination of our...

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FIELD & STREAM, America’s largest outdoor sports magazine, celebrates the...

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