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Capello CR25 CD/Radio Alarm Clock Unboxing

March 10, 2020

What is the best desk cd alarm clocks?

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Innovative desk makers are taking a stand against sitting

Some day Maya might interact with devices like the coffee maker, work as an alarm clock that also tracks heart rate and as a stylist that knows the contents of your closet and suggests what to wear. “There are a lot of smart desks out there, but ... July 5, 2015

Say it with light: Using LEDs to move data faster

created a company, VLNComm, for Visible Light Network Communications, to which Brandt-Pearce is a consultant. The Charlottesville-based firm is developing a prototype for potential investors – a desk lamp that provides an Internet connection ... July 3, 2015

I'm Mike Senese, Executive Editor of Make, and This Is How I Work

I try to keep things tidy, but my desk often has various Arduino and Raspberry Pi components scattered about, microcontrollers I would love to be better at using, or random tools we're considering for review. I span my laptop screen and a 28” monitor ... July 1, 2015

Furniture makers take stand against sitting at work

CHICAGO — The hottest trend in office furniture is standing desks because sitting is believed to be unhealthy — "the new smoking." That's created yet another wave of products for people who like the idea of standing but aren't necessarily committed ... June 28, 2015

'A devastating domino effect': People with disabilities impacted by state ...

(Lathan Goumas - Independent Service Coordinator Scott E. Frye of Service of Will, Grundy and Kankakee Counties works Wednesday at his desk in Joliet. Laurie Jerue, 57, said both she and her husband are aging and simply can ... July 1, 2015

14 Seinfeld Sets We'd Like to See Hulu Recreate

Only George has taken it so far as to create a little nap zone under his desk, with a handy shelf for an alarm clock along with a cup holder and a nifty drawer for a blanket. Key quotes: George: “Jerry, I'm trapped under my desk, Steinbrenner is in the ... June 30, 2015

Moves to reduce stress in the office while at the office

Ever had one of those days where the stress begins the minute you open your eyes? Alarm clock fails. Where are my keys? Traffic is horrid. Parking is a mess. Family or school needs are pressing. Emails, assignments and phone messages piling up. If you ... June 30, 2015

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Sunfield Industries Co., Ltd

Founded in 1983, Sunfield manufactures and supplies an extensive range of quality electronics products including alarm clock radios, projection clock radios, USB clock radios, CD micro systems, CD alarm clock radios, CD boomboxes, PLL radios and portable ... October 15, 2012

Lemon-Powered Desk Clock Brings Back Science Fair Memories

we have to say that the idea of a lovely looking desk clock that runs on just lemons does pull at our tree-hugging heart strings. And the novelty of it could start up some nostalgic science fair- related conversations. November 30, 2008


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X-moto 06.15.15

Motorcycle needles Alarm quartz Clock Desk Cl


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